They do not travel on our roads ...

Author: Almost two months of the summer I traveled by car. Passed more than 17 thousand. Kilometers on 22 th regions of Russia, through Ukraine and Moldova reached the border with the European Union. Then he traveled to 12 European countries.

So, returning to his native Siberian region, I felt a sharp contrast to the quality of the roads that lead to my small town of Tara, which is 300 kilometers from Omsk. Unfortunately, in the Omsk region of the road turned out to be the worst of all, overcome by my earlier avtosradah Russian, not to mention Europe.

In the cases I often wander in Omsk. Sometimes to 4 times a week. And many residents are often forced to Tara to go to the regional center to straighten some papers, with reports of coherence, the meetings of its production business, to the doctor in specialized hospitals, study, shopping etc.

From the road's life depends on a considerable number of people. I even think that in this age of the road traffic becomes almost a second home for humans. A good way to need and on the way to your main home, a kindergarten, a school, a hospital.

All this affects the mood of the people, the attractiveness of a town or city, determines the search for jobs and in general life choices. A banal saying two Russian misfortunes - fools and roads - is no less urgent.


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