The raid "Silk Road"

I came across an article on here. And he could not pull in the PL, because the guys really made the impossible. Please do not break!

1. Big Adventure. Rally-raid "Silk Road»

We were warned that this adventure could end badly. Warned all - from friends and acquaintances to the race organizers. The latter even said that in view of the heavy workload will not be able to help us in the steppes and deserts. But this demonstration outright disbelief in the reliability of our car has been ignored. In the end, the skeptics can be understood - they knew about the race track what we did not know. But we know their car that they did not know and could not know the organizers. And so did his own way. Come on difficult terrain transcontinental rally-raid "Silk Road" in the car, without any special training ... In a normal two-cylinder "Oka" with standard 12-inch wheels. On this folly before we dared not even anybody in the world.
So we - Ilya Staroverov is the author of these lines together - Nizhny Novgorod news crew, which is at the grand rally of Eurasia magazine "Foreign Car" and "rally" and the television program "Drive 52". Our task - to pass the Russian-Kazakh part of the rally (until the bivouac of Zhanaozen) and on their own to return home. But any adventure so well that never fit into the predetermined frame, creating his own, unexpected events thread. And the best thing about this blog will tell our crew onboard.

23 September. The Adventure Begins.
19 hours 30 minutes. Nizhny Novgorod SmallCar-club waved after us, and "Eye" took a course to the east, toward the approaching night and the new day. As always, the preparation did not have a couple of days, and in sharp bends, we heard the crunch of "ends" of the right SHRUS. Already on the border of the Nizhny Novgorod region, it became clear that the rear shock absorbers "Plaza" in the fully loaded vehicle can not cope with their responsibilities. Even on flat asphalt wave machine rocked as if it's not "Oka", designed with the participation of the company Porsche, and the Old Testament Citroen 2CV. This meant that the next day will be held in the turmoil of solving technical problems and the passage of the various administrative checks.
At three o'clock in the morning stops the engine in the parking lot near the hotel "Riviera" in Kazan and expanding seat, arrange to sleep in the car.

4th of September. Ready №1.
In the morning we were awakened by the cries of the muezzin from the minaret of a nearby mosque. Then "singing" musical fountains at the entrance to the hotel, and the day began. Not daring to trust your car "uncle" of service stations, constant velocity joints have changed in the home. To do this, the guys from the local branch of SmallCar-club reserved a place for us in the parking lot ... service of the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan. Before the main entrance to the building.
After lunch, endlessly confusing Russian, French and English, we rush from one table to another in the hall of administrative checks. Obtain and install the device IriTrack (satellite tracking system for car), sticking start numbers and mandatory advertising. For dinner machine papered so that determine its original color is extremely difficult. In the evening we leave the zone scrutineering. "Oka" has passed strict commission without any comments. Technical commissioners from France did not change the habitual facial expressions, when after the jeep and drove him to the buggy minicar. The last of them, check the work IriTrack, slapped the roof of "Oka" and called his partner: "Order, the crew readiness №1». And neither surprise nor condescending smiles or jokes ... Or maybe they, too, knew something about the possibilities of our "Oka"?

3. liason to Buguruslan


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