Where to go and what to see in Uzbekistan: 10 ideas

Uzbekistan consists of the ancient cities, colorful bazaars and a mosaic-tiled palaces. It smells like true pilaf, fresh bread and honey melons. Beckons intricate carpets and colourful ceramics. Surprising beaches and mountain skiing. Add to this the direct flights from Russia and cheap tickets — and an excellent place to stay found.

Tell what to do in Uzbekistan to bring the juiciest experience.


View on Khiva from the height



The old city of Ichan-Kala in Khiva — the portal to the middle Ages, no wonder it is the first in Central Asia was included in the UNESCO list. Start the day with a climb to the minaret of Islam-Khoja, where the real Central Asian town with its flat clay roofs, narrow streets and magnificent mosques seen in all its glory.

When comes down to earth and immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of Ichan-Kala. In the Khan's palaces looked at the rich decorations and study the device of the harem. Look at the madrassah of Muhammad Amin Khan — the largest Muslim Seminary in Central Asia. Visit all the shops with ceramics, jewellery and carved pieces of wood. But looking at the monument to the founder of algebra al-Khwarizmi, remember how in high school cheated off a neighbor's party. When experience tipped the scales, sit back in the outdoor restaurant and over a Cup of tea and watch life around.


Getting lost in the Bazaar



In the East life revolves around bazaars, where people come not only for bread, knives and skullcaps, but also to gossip with friends in the nearest teahouse.

The huge Chorsu Bazaar in Tashkent's thriving since the Middle ages. Allot to him at least three hours before the legs will fail. Start with the Central pavilion, nestled blue dome. Stroll along the variegated mountains of spices and stock up on almonds, roasted in shell, Uzbek halva and a bag of dried apricots. Look at the way sparkles in the light crystallized sugar navat. Learn to distinguish the rice devzira from the other varieties — it is the right for pilaf.

Trade dome in the neighborhood no less colorful. Wicker baskets, huge painted dishes-lagans pilaf, colorful fabrics, cushions and traditional mattresses-kurpacha — at the Chorsu Bazaar has it all. Among the hot cakes and mountains of persimmons don't miss Kurt — salted dried curd, which is perfectly instead of potato chips.


To get a bronze tan


Charvak reservoir

In Uzbekistan there are places to walk, a new bathing suit and play pack abs. The bright blue of Charvak reservoir in the foothills of the Tian Shan — the perfect respite between the Uzbek sites. Clean mountain air, fabulous views, clear water, honey straight from the apiary and cherry branch — and all this in two hours from Tashkent.

The beach season on the Charvak reservoir lasts from late may to late September. Homes for rent for every taste and budget — from equipped resorts and hotels to rooms in private homes. Student version — the trestle bed under a canopy or tent. From Charvak easy access to ski resorts Chimgan and Beldersay. In the summer take a ride on a cable car and admire the panoramas, and in winter will rise on skis or a snowboard.

When to go to Uzbekistan

The best time to visit Uzbekistan is from April to June and September—October. In July—August should go to the mountains because the plains at this time too hot. Downhill skiing from late December to mid-March.


Take a picture with Hodja Nasreddin



Anecdotes about Nasreddin Hodja to tell throughout the Middle East and Central Asia, and we about it heard something. He was a Joker and a trickster, taught and ridiculed, and still able to get out of the most unexpected situations.

One day Hodja had a dream: he was given nine āqchah, and he argues: "Well, give at least ten." At this point he woke up and saw that in the palm he had nothing. Immediately, he closed his eyes again and held out his hand, said, "Okay, let's nine!"

Even the British scientists have not yet agreed when and where he was born, so the identity is rather legendary than historical. However, some cities consider themselves to be the birthplace of Nasreddin Hodja. Among them Bukhara, an ancient city of magic.

Lyab-I-Hauz, the most beautiful in the city, wait for a monument to Khoja subside the crowd and themselves climb on the back of a donkey. Then go to consider a madrasah of the XVI and XVII centuries and to wander around the reservoir, surrounded by old mulberry trees.

Best place for dinner, madrasah Nodir-divan-Begi, where nightly entertainment with folklore concerts.


Choose the most beautiful carpet


Samarkand, Kokand, Khiva and Urgench

Shop with carpets in Uzbekistan go, as the Museum. I want to buy everything at once, but the prices are at first surprising. The Charter bargain, go to Samarkand silk carpet factory "hudjum". When I see girls engaged in jewelry work the looms, questions about pricing are eliminated. The carpets are made by hand at all stages: from the unraveling of a silkworm cocoon and dyeing threads prior to weaving of many months of knots in the warp threads. The more knots the carpet density, the more expensive it is.


To arrange a holiday belly


In every corner of Uzbekistan

With lamb, chicken or eggs, with dried fruits or beans, quince, pumpkin, or turnip — pilaf cooked a dozen different ways. The most common pilaf with lamb, onions and carrots, but it varies by taste, not only in different cities, but even in nearby restaurants. Cook pilaf in the first half of the day.

Hungry in the evening — order lagman and walk to the kitchen, where when you pulled out the dough noodles. Decent dinner — a barbecue or a hearty soup, which will be fine for the first, and second. You can eat freshly baked samosa with meat, which certainly add lemonade out of a retro vending machine for soda.

Vegetarians in Uzbekistan regale rosy tortillas, sour milk with sour cream and pumpkin samsa. And from the local melons, watermelons and peaches to give up, nobody can.


Consider the ornaments in the Registan



"Registan" from Uzbek is translated as "the place covered with sand". In Central Asia the so-called parade square. Its Registan is in Tashkent, Khiva and Bukhara but the most famous are Samarkand, one of the oldest cities on Earth.

In XV–XVII centuries in the main square of Samarkand there are three madrassas: Ulugbek, Sherdor and Tilla-Kari. Walking among the giants, pay attention to details: all madrasah are decorated with delicate ornaments and stylized labels. If the guard will offer to climb the minaret, bargain and settle. Climbing the steep stairs pull for a workout, so in addition to great mind you will receive the necessary after pilaf serving fiznagruzki.


To spend the night in the desert



The Kyzylkum desert is only slightly less famous of the Karakum desert, and even candy her name the same delicious. Despite the impressive size of the Kyzyl Kum, the trip there is no expedition without a spacewalk. On the roads to drive comfortably, especially if you do not forget the smartphone with the Navigator and pre-downloaded maps. If the self-service route does not appeal, you can always join the tour.

To begin the Kyzylkum desert is spectacular with ancient fortress of Ayaz-Kalaw and 100 km from Khiva. Uchkuduk, despite the alluring name, and you can skip. In contrast to the tremendous Aydarkul lake on the Eastern border of the desert. Linger here for a day or two, catch fish, dig in the sand given by camel, jeep or Quad bike and then spend a romantic evening in a Yurt camp in the middle of the Sands.

The best time to travel to Kyzylkum — from late April to mid-may, when in the wilderness, oddly enough, tulips and poppies.


To celebrate the New year in March


Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara

Favorite holiday of Uzbek Navruz. Mark it on the spring equinox, March 21, apparently, since pagan times. Now Nowruz coincides with the first day of the year in Iranian calendar. In short, it's the real New year, not only in the snow, and among the flowering Apple trees and apricots.

Walk on Navruz across the country: heartier in the villages, riotous in the cities. On the main venues, like the Park of Alisher Navoi in Tashkent, concerts, sing, dance and compete in the Uzbek wrestling Kurash. Special luck — on the eve of Navruz make friends with the locals and participate in festive preparation of sumalak, which is brewed in huge cauldrons from wheat sprouts, flour and cottonseed oil.


To visit the place where was born the Great silk road


The Ferghana valley

The fertile area among the mountain ranges of long ago beckon travelers. In the IV century BC to the Fergana valley reached by Alexander the great. Two centuries later, an envoy from China, Zhang Qian found in the Fergana beautiful horses, which are incredibly interested in the celestial Emperor. So was born the first through road from China to the Mediterranean — the Great silk road.

Today about the Ferghana valley say that there remained a real, atmospheric Uzbekistan.


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Mustang — the lost Kingdom of Tibet


Which city take — all ancient, will not lose. But there are highlights. The Khudoyar-Khan Palace in Kokand seems to materialized out of fairy tales "Thousand and one nights."

In Rishtan should go for glazed ceramics. If you want to see how this beauty comes out out of the hands of local craftsmen, and visit the Museum-workshop of Rustam Usmanov.

In Margilan visit silk factory "Yodgorlik", where you can see all the way from the cocoons of silkworm to a colorful scarf.published


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