Astrakhan. Reid with the border guards

Writes Sergey Dolya:

Every year my friends and I go to the bath I go to Astrakhan on a fishing trip. The last trip I had the opportunity to meet with poachers enter the rumble and find out the details of the illegal fishing. This time, I agreed with the guards and went into the raid, see this phenomenon on the other side.

How do the guards, what techniques are used and how many orders (illegal gear), we got a half hour - all the details in this post ...
43 photos, and text.

Our tour began at the Coast Guard base in Astrakhan. Right here on the coast are confiscated poaching Baida. The cost of each of these boats not less than $ 100,000:

I already wrote about the poacher boats. Most of them took compartment with fuel canisters - powerful engines that hang poachers extremely voracious:


The decoration of the sleeping compartment (call it a "cabin" language does not turn) resembles the device flophouse for illegal migrants on the market:


All Baida sealed:



Border guards, new powerful boats, which they use in poaching raids (in the picture he is left, not bigger shot at hand was only Shirikov). This boat is not inferior in speed characteristics Biden, though losing maneuverability. Poachers meander or trying to escape to Meljak and pograntsy trying to hold two canoe boats and instruct weapons. However, the last shot in the past year:


In one of the ships of border guards found a funny instructions for use WC:

PS: Dada, the picture has already been here, but taken out of the post somehow not so. Plus, it's just a detail, not the essence of the theme :)

On the way to the rumble stopped on another base to fill the boat. Here we met here such tailed border guard:


Immediately lie Baida. Near Boat "Crimea", it is clear that it is almost two times less:


Then we went on the channel to rumble. Towards the ships were:


This surreal palace looks like an old landing stage, which drove here a long time ago:


Landed on the point of the Coast Guard. There are 4 person shifts, their task is to monitor the vessels that run along the main channel. Border guards watched that no one stopped and unloaded anything to Customs:


Generally, ships called at the channel have to go at a constant speed without reducing stroke:


Paul - shift supervisor. He has a very courageous person. I think it should look like and every border guard: smart, sporty and sustained. It's nice that people guarding our border:



On the second floor is a platform Observatory:


We went inside to look at the equipment used guards:


Paul said that they could detect everyone who lit up within a radius of two kilometers of the nearest. On the point are some incredible long-range camera. Note the small dot on the monitor:


The cameras are able to bring it here so:


In the dark, too, everything can be seen, there are night vision devices:


Below the platform there are dry docks for repair of boats:


There is even a camera for the detained poachers. Eugene is studying the conditions of detention of prisoners:


Spaces guards:


After a tour of the border post we went poaching trawl gear. Tralee Rybohrany not impossible; so we went to a nearby base and took on board the inspector:


Along the way met the barge, which was dragging equipment for oil platform:


A few words about how the search for poaching orders. Firstly, the entire process is recorded with a video camera:


Border guards fill up the trawl in the water and begin to slowly take back until the order is not caught poaching:


Hooked, looking for the beginning of the gear. It just is not cut from the middle, because in this case, most of order will remain under water:


Then tackle coming on board. Since many of them are a long time, they are covered with algae that shake:


The order, which has been raised, captures and destroys:


Now note that in 20 minutes we raised four poaching order! Every five minutes. All orders blocked by the bank, the distance between them was one hundred or even fifty meters. Fish while there was none. Over the last week, according to the guards, they dragged thirty-gear, which had three catfish - sturgeon has no general:


Then I went down to the boat. Border guards working here for two:


The boats are not new, but the guys really like them and say that these boats are most comfortable:




Then we come to another coastguard boats. While hauling a barge on the channel, all ships were ordered to stop. Such cases are frequent and border guards in this case, look to when stationary vessel with nothing unloaded:


On the boat we met the main man and immediately reported to Paul on the current situation:


Paul studies the magazine. As we walked, I noticed that one ship turned around and stood up to the raid. The guys have been a mark of this journal:


But those same ships that are waiting for an oil rig:


Back went across the sea. The wind was strong, all the water from the pipe blew out to sea. The water level dropped so that the tops were visible algae:


Incidentally, in Astrakhan Putin (the official fishing season) and we saw the secrets of fishermen fishers:


End :)



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