Plane on Nevsky

After the publication of articles about transportation the church in Germany, which caused great interest and resonance many people asked, "What Only the Dutch and the Germans can carry outsized beautiful?". It turns out, and as we can.
So, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome! St. Petersburg. Transport aircraft Pulkovo Lenexpo.

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The plane was supposed to arrive in Pulkovo, on the trawl it was necessary to carry on the Avenue Obukhov Defense, there loaded on a barge, then along the Neva River to the fairgrounds and there his helicopter had to take off from the barge and put in place the presentation. Ah yes, the plane dimensions - length from nose to tail 9, 3 meters, a wingspan of 12 meters, in this connection was made taking into account the special stand and load center of gravity - to transport the aircraft could be sideways. At the appointed day, the day before the start of the forum, the aircraft safely landed at Pulkovo pretty quickly was immersed in the trawl - barge, 100-ton crane and a helicopter at a low start.

But then it interferes with the specifics of transportation of oversized cargo in our country and folk wisdom, "Beware of the thief, and the military prosecutor's chauffeur." Machine DPS and covering 4 cars waiting at the gate, and at the airport with the plane trawl moves accompanied airport UAZ with flashing lights, and to meet them comes Urals with the border guards. It is difficult to assess the condition of the driver of the Urals, but in spite of the ban on trawl driver, he says, something like - Do not worry I am very experienced driver, I feel great dimensions of the machine and we leave here with your aircraft - do not see any problems! and its Urals blows the plane on which a few hours will come to watch the first person of the state of the nose. Shock!

In the showdown with the border guards, meeting with the services of the airport and other officials - leaving precious time - a barge out, the helicopter flies away from the fairgrounds. Urgently solved 2 question - what to do with the nose of the aircraft? and how to go to the fairgrounds -inache than through the city center to get impossible. Is an organization that promises to make the layout of the nose the next morning and determined route - Moscow - Country - Pea - Admiralty - English Embankment - Bridge Lt. Schmidt - VO - Cash

The movement began at 4 am as part of the trawl - machines DPS machines covering 4 and 8 auxiliary machines - for organized extras


Moscow avenue

Country prospectus, normal flight.

The narrowest street on the route - Pea


Left Hermitage, just behind the Palace Square


The Lenexpo - revealed the following problem - between pavilions to place presentation travel impossible, and another 6 hours using a crane and perestavok - propelled aircraft deep into the fairgrounds.

Note the shape of the nose




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