What were the Russian city 100 years ago

In the courtyard of the end XIX - beginning of the twentieth century. The country has been ruled by three centuries of Romanov dynasty. Only fifty years ago abolished serfdom. Russia still does not know any of the October Revolution, nor the horrors of two world wars. < Website I want to show you how the city looked then-Russian Empire 100 years ago.

Omsk h2>

The hotel "Russia". 1910. H3>

Bridge over the River Om. To the right is the chapel of St. Seraphim Alekseevskaya. 1907-1910-ies. H3>

View the current street. Lenin (then st. Kaznakovskaya). 1908. H3>

Marketplace. 1910. H3>

Yaroslavl h2>

View of Yaroslavl from Tverits (Zavolzhskaya part of the city). 1900s. H3>

Volzhskaya embankment. 1894. H3>

The building of women's religious school. 1900s. H3>

View of the Church of Peter and Paul. 1900s. H3>

Tula h2>

Vozdvizhenskaya Street and the Kremlin. 1910. H3>

Suvorov Street (now Avenue Krasnoarmeysky). 1910. H3>

Kievskaya Street (now the Lenin Avenue). 1904-1914 years. H3>

Embassy Street (now Sovetskaya str.), near the bridge in the district. 1915. H3>

Saratov h2>

Moscow hotel. 1910. H3>

A general view of the city. 1910. H3>

Seating yard inside. 1910. H3>

Governor's House. 1910. H3>

Nizhny Novgorod h2>

Annunciation Square. 1910. H3>

View Street. Great Intercession. 1890. H3>

Station. 1910. H3>

Urban Nicholas Theater. 1910. H3>

Kazan h2>

Crossroads of the Peter and Paul Peter and Paul street and alley. 1890. H3>

View from the Kremlin, the Church of the Holy Martyr Paraskeva and Virgin Monastery. 1890. H3>

Pier on the Volga. 1900s. H3>

A general view of the city. 1900s. H3>

Astrakhan h2>

Quay. 1900s. H3>

The Exchange Building. 1900s. H3>

Great Moscow hotel. 1900s. H3>

Trinity Monastery. 1890. H3>

St. Petersburg h2>

View of St. Isaac's Cathedral by the Senate and Synod. 1900s. H3>

View of Palace Square. 1910. H3>

View Arena. 1910. H3>

Building Council. View from the Nevsky Prospekt. 1910. H3>

Moscow h2>

The Imperial Bolshoi Theatre. 1909. H3>

The market in the old Triumphal Square. 1909. H3>

View of the embankment. 1909. H3>

Triumphal Arch. h3>

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