Hamburgers literally brain damage

Eat a hamburger - I hurt your brain. This relationship established scientists from the New York Psychiatric Institute. The site tells podrobnosti.Issledovateli revealed that rich in sugar and saturated fat diet causes damage to brain structure, and determine which diseases of the nervous system causes the food from fast food restaurants. It turned out that hearty sandwiches and fries potatoes destroy nerve tissue and trigger inflammation.

The study itself was conducted using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The researchers scanned the brains of people of normal stature, and in those who are obese as a result of malnutrition. As a result, certain scan showed abnormalities in obese patients.

In particular, they observed an increased fibrinogen concentration of protein, indicating that the negative processes in the nervous system, because the amount of fibrinogen increases when an acute inflammatory diseases, and tissue death. In addition, excess water was observed in the amygdala (a brain area that has the shape of almonds and located inside the temporal lobe), and this is called proof of damage to nerve tissue.

In addition, US scientists recorded the reduction in the brain of those who abuse fast food. In particular, they found that such people have decreased the orbitofrontal cortex. According to psychiatrists, changes are taking place in areas of the brain that are responsible not only for the appetite, but also for decision-making in general. The person becomes more prone to commit dangerous acts and the loss of self-control.

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