20 men's rules for women

tired of hearing women's sighs and complaints of women in social networks and blogs, the men gathered the courage to give a "symmetrical response". Let someone it will seem rather tartly, but after all! .. < Website published a manifesto in the form of a list of men's rights.

Tears - is blackmail. If you want something - tell me straight. Dot the i: translucent hints do not work. Transparent hints do not work. Even superprozpchnye hints do not work. Just tell me straight. Learn to interact with Toilet Seats. You're not small! If it is raised - lowered. We need it to be raised, you - that was omitted. We do not complain that you did not pick it. "Yes" and "No" are perfectly suited as an answer to almost any question. Share with us only the problems that must be solved. For that we also need. For sympathy - to the girlfriends. If the headache persists for 17 months, you clearly something wrong. To the doctor. Everything we said 6 months ago can not be used as an argument in the dispute. Furthermore. Shelf life of any replica or comment will automatically expire not later than 7 days. If you think you're fat, probably because it is. We do not have to ask. If we said can be interpreted two ways, and one of the interpretations of acts on you like a red rag to a bull, we mean second. You can ask us to do something, or to say how we should do it . , but not both together. If you know how to do what you want, at its best - go and do it myself. If possible, Save your everything you wanted to say to advertising. Christopher Columbus nobody told where to swim. And we do not need! All men see in only 16 colors, as in the standard color scheme of Windows. «Peach" - is the juice, not the color. «Pumpkin" - a pie. What is the "Coral" or "mauve" we have no idea. If something itches, it is necessary to scratch. Dot. If we ask "what happened" and you answer "no", then we are going to behave as if nothing had happened. It is clear that you're lying, but point of arguing?! If you ask a question that does not want to hear the answer to, expect an answer you do not want to hear. If we need to go somewhere together, absolutely anything you wear is suitable ... true. Do not ask what we think about, if not ready to discuss topics such as the transfer of Arshavin, the device motherboard or the results of yesterday's rally. Do you have something to wear. is a lot of shoes. I form. Round - is also a form.

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