10 tips from people who dropped by more than 20 kg of excess weight

The fight against obesity, it is, first of all, fighting with himself. It is necessary to change, to change their habits, to reshape the lifestyles and never even regret. As soon as the extra weight melt away, a man's character zakalyaetsya.Kak lose weight and maintain weight? Website publish advice from people who have managed to pass this way to the end.

1. Hide scales and a mirror that reflects you in a full-length h3>

«It helps to focus more on the well-being and a sense of the body than on figures».

Penny, 31, dropped more than 35 kg in 4 years.


2. Just force yourself to finish the workout, even if you try to do it for the millionth time h3>

«You will have a lot of excuses and justifications: a lot of work, the heat on the street, back pain. Only when this goal will be the main excuses disappear »

Jason, 42, dropped 33 kg a year.


3. Or put a feasible goal - for example, to train for 20 minutes twice a week h3>

«At first, I went twice a week to the gym, and there walked on a treadmill for 20 minutes. I gradually increased the time. After 4 months, I moved on to other trainers ».

Asha, 30, dropped 31 kilograms in 14 months.


4. Count calories and find out how much you eat is actually h3>

«I decided to start with counting calories and considered everything that ate. So I very quickly realized how much I actually eat »

Dzhezmin, 25, dropped 22 kg for 4 years.


5. Avoid refined carbohydrates and white sugar h3>

«I refused to refined carbohydrates and white sugar, and the first week was awful - I was tormented by headaches, I was sleepy and irritable. It turned out that I was dependent on sugar, and I had a horrible break-up! »

Kelly, 33, shed 26 kg for 8 months, and ran his first marathon in April 2014.


6. Write a letter to yourself about why you want to lose weight h3>

«I wrote a letter to a future version of himself in case I need motivation. I was as honest as I could, and the letter came out very strong and it took me later many times »

Sari, 25, dropped 42 kilograms in 18 months.


7. Avoid desserts for some time h3>

«It was not easy to switch from ice cream to low-fat yogurt and fruit, but after a month without dessert, I started to feel better the taste of healthy food»

Dan, 21, dropped 27 kg a year.


8. Walk on foot h3>

«I no longer ride on buses, cars and taxis. I weighed a lot and could not walk without pain in the legs and in the back or shortness of breath. But it was the beginning of something bigger! »

Michel, 30, shed 90 kg for 2 years.


9. Exercise with Wii h3>

«I bought a game in which it was necessary to deal with zumba; It was not like the gym. For me it was just a game, and it was really fun! »

Nadia, 27, threw 67, 5 kg over three years.


10. Leave your love for fast food and learn how to cook h3>

«I stopped eating fast food and pizza every week and began to cook for themselves. It was so nice to know that it was I created another dish! »

Rogelio, 26, dropped 27 kg a year.

blockquote> Believe in yourself and everything will turn out! Website I wish you success!

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