This girl was hit in front of the British Queen. Observe the reaction of the others!

Britain is famous for its calmness of citizens. Even when the situation is developing according to plan, the British are able to keep the style, and not to betray his anxiety. It is the quality of its residents Albion receive from birth. Even small children in unusual situations are able to behave with dignity and decorum. But sometimes their stiffness may seem absurd. Edition offers you a view funny movie that took place during the official reception of British Queen Elizabeth II in the city of Cardiff.

6-year-old Welsh Macy Gregory met with a bouquet of flowers Queen of Great Britain during the latter's official visit to the capital of Wales. Elizabeth II spotted the girl, complimented her national costume and took on her flowers. A little Maisie leaned a curtsy.

Further, the procedure did not go according to plan. The girl was standing too close to a soldier of the guard of honor. And when he raised his hand to give the military salute to the Queen, then inadvertently touched on the head standing next to Macy's, knocking off her hat.

More countries temperamental girl immediately went to sobbing, and associates began to chuckle softly. However, it was in the UK, so baby just choked gasped in surprise, and the others all acted as if nothing had happened. Queen Elizabeth II also did not react to the incident, although the revision knows that in his younger years, it was much more emotional.

After the departure of Elizabeth II, a soldier apologized profusely before the girl and her parents, but it's left-overs.

As you can see, in Britain etiquette revere above all else, sometimes significantly bending the stick. And would you be able to stay calm in this situation? Or Albion tradition alien to you? Share this video with your friends, and their response will be able to see how many among your friends this British.

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