10 most brutal children

1) Mary Bell
Mary Bell - one of the most "famous" girls in British history. In 1968, at age 11, with her 13-year-old girlfriend, Norma, with a break of two months, she was strangled two boys, 4 and 3 years old. Media around the world called the girl "a spoiled seed", "work of the devil" and "baby-monster».
Mary and Norma lived in the neighborhood in one of the most disadvantaged areas of Newcastle, in families with many children habitually coexisted and poverty and where children spend most of their time playing unsupervised on the streets or in landfills. The family of Standards had 11 children, parents, Mary had four. My father pretended to be her uncle that the family is not deprived of benefits for single mothers. "Who wants to work? - He was genuinely surprised. - Personally, I do not need money, if only enough for a pint of ale in the evening. " Mother Mary, the capricious beauty, a child with mental disabilities - for example, for many years refused to eat with the family, if it does not put food in the area under the seat.

Mary was born when her mother was just 17 years old, shortly after the failed attempt to poison pills. Four years later, his mother tried to poison her own daughter. Relatives took an active part in the life of the child, but the survival instinct taught the girl the art of erecting a wall between themselves and the outside world. This feature of Mary, along with exuberant imagination, cruelty, as well as grown-eminent mind, celebrated all who knew her. The girl has never allowed himself to kiss or embrace, tore to shreds the tape and aunts donated dresses.

At night she moaned in his sleep, jumped a hundred times, because I was afraid to describe. She loved to dream, talked about his uncle's horse farm and a beautiful black stallion, who allegedly owned. Says he wants to become a nun, because the nuns 'good'. And all the time reading the Bible. Their she was about five. One of the Bible she pasted a list of all his dead relatives, their addresses and dates of death ...

2) Jon Venables and Robert Thompson

17 years ago, Jon Venables and his friend, the same scum like Venables, but only on behalf of Robert Thompson, were sentenced to life imprisonment, despite the fact that at the time of the murder he was ten years old. Their crime caused shock across Britain. In 1993, Venables and Thompson stolen from Liverpool supermarket year-old boy, the same James Bulger, where he was with his mother, force dragged him to the railroad, was brutally beaten with sticks, doused him with paint and left to die on the track, hoping that the baby will move the train and his death will be an accident.

3) Alice Bustamante
Before the trial, Missouri appeared 15-year-old schoolgirl who committed the brutal murder of 9-year-old girl. According to the defendant, she went to this atrocity out of curiosity - she wanted to know what feels killer.
Terrible crimes committed schoolgirl Alice Bustamante from Jefferson City, reports Associated Press. Last Wednesday, Cole County judge ruled that the girl will be tried as an adult. A few hours later Alice was charged with premeditated murder with the use of bladed weapons. She faces life in prison without possibility of parole.
Alice Bustamante carefully prepared to crime, coolly selecting the optimum moment to attack. She previously dug two pits, which were to play the role of the grave, and then a week quietly went to school, choosing the right time for the massacre of nine neighbor Elizabeth Olten.
21 October for no apparent reason Alice strangled the girl, cut her throat and pierced the body of the knife.
Later, in one of the interviews Sergeant Alice let slip road patrol police Missouri David Rice that "wanted to know the feelings experienced by a person in a similar situation».
The girl confessed to the murder for 23 of October. Alice she had brought the police to the place where she had hidden the corpse firmly Elizabeth. Her remains were buried in a wooded area near St. Martins - a small town west of Jefferson City.
Prior to that, hundreds of volunteers combed the area of ​​Jefferson City and the surrounding area in the hope of finding the missing girl, but it was all in vain.
We add that the District Attorney Mark Richardson has not yet explained why the defendant immediately dug two pits.

4) George Junius Steen Jr.
Although there were many political and racial distrust surrounding the case, most recognized that this guy Steen guilty of the murder of two girls. It was in 1944, Steen was 14, he killed the two girls 11 and 8 years, and threw their bodies into a ravine. He apparently wanted to rape a 11-year-old, but younger prevented him, and he decided to get rid of it. Both girls resisted, he scored their club. He was charged with first-degree murder, convicted and sentenced to death. The sentence was prividitsya executed in South Carolina.

5) Bari Lukatis
In 1996, Barry Lukatis put on his best suit and cowboy went to the office, where his class had to pass the algebra lesson. Most of my classmates found Barry ridiculous costume, and he was even more bizarre than usual. They did not know what hides this suit, and there were two pistols, a rifle and 78 rounds of ammunition. He opened fire, his first victim was a 14-year-old Manuel Vela. After a few seconds he fell victim to a few more people. He began taking hostages, but made a tactical mistake, he has allowed to pick up the wounded, at the time when he was distracted the teacher grabbed the rifle.

6) Kiplend Kinkel
May 20, 1998 Kinkel was expelled from school because he was trying to buy a stolen weapon from a classmate. He confessed to the crime and he was released from the police. Houses father told him that he was sent to a boarding school, if he had not started to cooperate with the police. At 15:30 Kip pulled his rifle hidden in the parents' room, loaded it, went into the kitchen and shot his father. At 18:00 came the mother. Kinkel told her that he loved her and shot her - twice in the head, three times in the face and once in the heart.

Later he claimed that he wanted to protect his parents from the difficulties which could be they due to his problems with the law. Kinkel removed the mother's body in the garage, and his father's body in the bathroom. All night he listened to the same song from the movie "Romeo and Juliet". May 21, 1998 Kinkel came to school on his mother's Ford. He put on his trench coat to hide the weapons: a hunting knife, a rifle and two pistols and ammunition.

He killed two students and wounded 24. When he reloaded the gun, a few students managed to disarm. In November 1999, Kinkel was sentenced to 111 years in prison without the possibility of parole. When the verdict Kinkel apologized on trial for the murder of his parents and pupils of the school.

7) Cindy Collier and Shirley Wolfe
In 1983, Cindy Collier and Shirley Wolfe began to search for the victims for their entertainment. Usually it was vandalism or theft of the car, but once the girls showed how much they were actually sick. One day they knocked on the door of a strange house, they discovered an elderly woman. Seeing two young girls 14-15 years old without hesitation let them into the house, hoping for an interesting conversation over a cup of tea. And she got it, the girls chatted for a long time with a sweet old lady entertaining her interesting stories. Shirley skhavtila old woman by the neck and held her, and Cindy went to the kitchen for a knife to give it to Shirley. Having a knife, he stabbed the old woman Shirley 28 times. The girls fled the scene, but were soon arrested.

8) Joshua Phillies
Joshua Phillips was 14 when, in 1998, without missing its neighbor. Seven days later, his mother began to feel bad smell coming from under the bed. Under the bed, she found the body of a missing girl who was beaten to death. When she asked her son, he said he accidentally hit the girl in the eye bat, she began to scream, he panicked and began to beat her until she stopped. The jury did not believe his story, he was charged with first-degree murder.

9) Willie Bosquet
In the record of the Wily Bosquet to 15 years, in 1978, already had more than 2000 crimes in New York City. He never knew his father, but he knew that this man was convicted of murder, and regarded it as "courageous" crime. While in the United States under the Criminal Code, for minors not criminalize so Bosquet boldly walked the streets with a knife or a gun in his pocket. Ironically, he became a precedent for the revision of this provision. Under the new law, children from 13 years old can be tried as adults for excessive cruelty.

10) Jesse Pomeroy
And finally, a small story of Jesse Pomeroy
Jesse Pomeroy - not the bloody maniac in history, but definitely one of the most violent. On account of Pomeroy two deaths - the same whom he could not kill him, he brutally tortured and sophisticated. The worst thing in all this - that he started killing at age 12 and at age 16 was sentenced to death. The offender was nicknamed "Marble Eye».
Jesse was born in 1859 in Boston in a family of lower middle class representatives of Charles and Ruth Pomeroy. Pomeroy has never been a happy family: Charles drank and had an explosive temper. Walking with his father aide to Jesse and his brother meant only one thing: now they would be beaten. Before the punishment, Charles stripped naked of their children, so that in the minds of Jesse firmly deposited relationship between pain, punishment and sexual satisfaction. Later, the boy repeatedly recreating the same picture, goading his young victims.

Family Pomeroy did not keep animals at home, because any attempt to have ended in the death of livestock animals. Ruth dreamed of parrots, lovebirds, but was afraid of the plant: one time home to live birds, but one day they were found with folded necks. And after Ruth saw that Jesse tormented neighbor kitty, the idea to start a pet at home, finally disappeared.
Like many murderers, begins with the animals, Jesse quickly tired of this fun and began to look for victims among the people. Of course, he chose those who are smaller and weaker than him. Pomeroy became the first victim of William Payne. In December 1871, two men, passing by a small house near the hill Pauder Horn in the south of Boston, heard faint cries. Once inside, they were dumbfounded by what he saw. Four-Billy Payne was suspended by the wrists to the ceiling beams. The half-naked child was almost unconscious. Men instantly unleashed a boy and only then saw that his back is covered with huge red welts. Billy Police could not say anything intelligible with respect to the offender, and that could only hope that this was an isolated incident.

Alas, it was not so. In February 1872 Jesse lured in the neighborhood of seven Horn Pauder Tracy Hayden, promising to "show the soldiers." Caught in a secluded place, he tied Jesse Tracey and began to torture him. Hayden appeared knocked out front teeth and a broken nose, and his eyes were black with blood. Police Hayden also had nothing to say, except that the torturer had brown hair, and that he had promised to cut off his penis. With this description, the police could not do anything to prevent further attacks. But it was clear that the offender is clearly not in itself and another similar case - a matter of time.

In early spring 1872, Jesse brought in his den of eight Robert Mayer - boy believed that the new friend to take him to the circus. Undressed Robert Pomeroy began to beat him with a stick and forced to repeat after a profanity. Later, Mayer told the police that during his torture torturer masturbated. Orgasm, he freed Robert Jesse threatened to kill him if he told anyone about what had happened.
Boston parents announced the hunt for serial killer. Adults forbade his children to talk to strangers teenagers were questioned hundreds of teenagers, organized a few raids, but a pervert over again eluded police. The next massacre Jesse arranged in the middle of July, all in the same cabin on a hill Pauder Horn. With seven years of George Pratt, whom he promised to pay 25 cents per household help, he did exactly the same way as with Robert, in addition teeth tearing a piece of his cheek, riddled with nails to blood and body iskolov long sewing needle. Pomeroy had tried to gouge out his eyes to the victim, but the boy miraculously managed to wriggle out. In parting, Jesse took a bite of meat with George buttocks and ran away.
Less than a month as Pomeroy kidnapped six years Harry Austin, which cracked down on the favorite scenario. This time he took a knife and stabbed Harry in the right and left side and between the collarbones. After that, he tried to cut off the boy's penis, but it scared and he ran away. Within six days of Jesse lured to a swamp of seven Joseph Kennedy, she slashed him with a knife and forced to repeat after a parody of a prayer in which the words of Scripture have been replaced by the mat. When Joseph refused, Pomeroy slashed his face with a knife and washed with salt water.

Another six days near the railway tracks in South Boston found a five year old boy tied to a pole. He said his older boy lured here by promising to show the soldiers, however, is much more valuable was the description of the perpetrator. Robert Gould had a great service to the police, explaining that he was attacked by "a boy with a white eye." The right eye was really Pomeroy completely white - and the iris and pupil - whether due to cataracts, whether due to a viral infection. So Jesse got his nickname, which is recognized all over Boston, "Marble Eye».

As is often the case with serial killers arrested Pomeroy almost by accident. September 21, 1872 to the school Jesse police came with Joseph Kennedy, but he was unable to identify his tormentor. For some reason, returning home after school, Pomeroy went to the police station. Since he never really repented for his crimes, we can assume that for him it was part of the game with the police. Joseph was just at the police station, when there came Pomeroy. Seeing his victim, Jesse turned and walked toward the exit, but Joseph had already noticed him and pointed to the offender the police.
Pomeroy was locked in a cell and began to be questioned, but he persistently protested. Only when he was threatened with a hundred years imprisonment, he confessed. Justice will be done promptly. The court sent Jesse the correctional home in Westboro, where he was supposed to be over 18. But pretty soon he was released on parole, and six weeks later he again took up the old.

March 18th, 1874 in a sewing shop Ruth Pomeroy, who opened the day Jesse went ten-Kathy Curran. The girl asked if the store notebook and Jesse asked her to go down to the basement - there is, they say, there is a shop where they sold exactly. Descending down the stairs, Kathy realized that she had been deceived, but it was too late: Pomeroy clamped her mouth with his hand and cut his throat. The body, he dragged to the toilet and threw stones. When the girl's body found was that her head was completely smashed, and the upper part of the body has had time to decompose to the point that determine what her injuries were not possible. However, the fact that the stomach and genitals Cathy has carved a special cruelty, experts identified immediately.
Naturally, the disappearance of Katie caused panic. The girl's mother, Mary, went to look for her. The seller of one of the stores where Cathy came for his books, told Mary that he had sent the girl to Pomeroy. Hearing this, Mary almost fainted: she had heard about Jesse. On the way to the store, she met Pomeroy police captain, with whom to share their experiences, and he assured her that Jesse is not dangerous - it was de-rehabilitation in a house of correction, and in addition to that has never attacked the girls. Mary wrapped the home, the woman calmed by the fact that her daughter probably just got lost, and during the day it will find and bring home.

Thirst Jesse, meanwhile, all did not abate. Despite the danger of being caught, he still tried to lure children in abandoned houses. Most potential victims turned out to be smart enough to abandon its proposals, but the five-year Field Harry could not resist. Jesse asked him to show the way to Vernon Street, promised to give five cents. Bringing Pomeroy to the desired street, Harry asked for his reward, and then Jesse shoved him into the arch and ordered to remain silent.


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