53-year-old Hope Dudarenko dedicated her life to children.

Problems began at the woman after she said the beating of her son at school.

53-year-old Hope Dudarenko dedicated her life to children. She raised four of their children, and eight years ago, has adopted two children and decided to raise five more. From reliable Dudarenko his home in the village of Parichi city, living in middle-income - children in no need. The kids used to take Hope and her mother were very worried when she suddenly somewhere delayed.

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Family Dudarenko considered exemplary - it was shown on television Gomel, praised neighbors. Council chairmen gave her only positive characteristics. But only until such time as she began to struggle with the local authorities.

One older child, a second-grader Egor, came home from school and said that he will not go there anymore.

"In the winter of last year Yegor came back from school and said - beats me every day the teacher for" clumsy "handwriting" - said Nadezhda Dudarenko site charter97.org.

According to the mother, physical punishment - a common practice at the school:

"This teacher-pensioner Tomar Radevich. She has a full year of first-graders and then they go at it, "silk". She has such a technique. I raised this question - because of stress in children, they are so happy to go to school. Contact your local chief of Education Ludmila Velichko - in response, I was called "the carpet" and how could reprimanded. It turns out I did not have to protect his foster child ».

After complaints about the school at Hope Dudarenko problems began:

"I lasted 4 days children at home until given permission to transfer them to another class. After this, the persecution. For a week I had 4 test. We went around the house in dirty shoes, digging into personal belongings. I can open the refrigerator, cabinet, show that they want to see. But who gave them the right rude to behave? Over a year, this persecution lasted. I was started looking for incriminating evidence, but found nothing. Then they began to slander me and posted on a board of shame. And we have a small town, 2,000 inhabitants ».

Then the woman asked the officials to Gomel:

"We've got a mutual responsibility. I consider it my duty to protect the interests of foster and adopted children. I live by the law. Anytime refrigerators are filled, the children fed and clothed. We love each other madly. I appealed to the Gomel management - half begged to come and sort out, "- says the woman.

Gomel officials arrived and also reprimanded the adoptive mother:

"Came to 8 people. Prosecutor, Head of Education Ludmila Velichko, district, fireman, child welfare inspector, Methodist and others. Do you think they show concern and involvement? In the presence of children, they accused me of all the deadly sins. We ran around the house and have claimed - that you, to drink alcohol? But they know very well that I have checked from head to toe, do not give the children of alcoholics. I'm not drinking people. Then he asked - you live drinking man? But we do not live any man. To me 53 years, I have been raising. Life behind us, I have devoted myself to children ».

Suddenly, the adoptive mother of five children were taken from seven receivers. Two adopted children were left in the law they are not so easy to pick up:

"As a result, they concluded that the children were not beaten. Although the district who interviewed children, said that he believed the children that they were beaten. October 29 to me without warning, breaks with the police and the commission says - we arrived to pick up children. I say you crazy? To take the children, there must be some reason to! Showed a decision of the executive committee - it is written that the local head of education asks to terminate the contract with me to raise children. Although I have a contract until 2017. And in order to terminate it, you need a good reason. In our house there is poor sanitation, children are not hungry, they do not have any thing ».

"As I read the decision, they took out of bed half-dressed child of preschool age. The rest was taken from the school. The decision was made to take the children to the Executive Committee on October 10, and I have no one to this meeting did not call, no nothing warned. They did this to punish me. Oh, did not you say something - to take children. I have long threatened this "- outraged Hope Dudarenko.

Most of the children suffer this situation, I'm sure the adoptive mother:

"I am outraged by the injustice against children, for me is sacred. Today, I am nothing. But I did not give up, I will fight for children. What happened - a criminal act. The authorities want to show that I'm a nobody. But most of all children suffer ».

According to Nadezhda Dudarenko, formal reason to pick up the kids, was that she did not take a trip to a seminar on the education of children:

"I asked the chairman of the executive committee with a request to explain the reason why I took the children - he could not. The decision stated that the children were taken on the basis of unfair attitude to them. Careless attitude they called that I did not attend the courses in education for 45-kilometers from the village. And this at a time when I have 7 children, half of whom go to school. I have good experience of the parent. I myself can not hold such courses and share experiences. And they want me to be 27-year-old girl with no life experience taught how to raise children. This is ridiculous ».

Before the woman said about beating children, her family called a model, says Nadezhda Dudarenko:

"Before I raised the issue with the beating of children at school, no complaints and comments to me never was. On the contrary, they praised, saying only good things. Council chairmen gave good performance, we have twice shown on television Gomel. The neighbors can confirm that I'm really devoted herself to children ».

"Now the children can break. Imagine if they were at home, nourished, clothed, toys each had. My youngest had not laid down to sleep until I told him "Busco" will not give. If you suddenly delayed - they are worried that the mother is not present. And now they were sent to the detention center, where they were guarded. I want them to know that their mother will not leave, I'll take them out, "- said Nadezhda Dudarenko.


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