MARTIAL bottlenose dolphins-guard state

It's no secret that the war - the engine of progress. In order to achieve military superiority, people are willing to use any means, even enlist the animals. As a result, the light appeared completely unique units dolphins saboteurs.

The idea of ​​the transformation of marine mammals in the soldiers did not appear anywhere, and in Russia. Back in 1915 in the General Staff of the Navy asked the trainer Vladimir Durov, who proposed to neutralize underwater mines using seals.

The War Department became interested, and for three months in the Balaklava Bay 20 animals were trained. During the demonstration exercise they are easily detected under water dummies anti-personnel mines and mark them with special buoys. But the use of seals in combat and failed.

The Germans were concerned about the appearance of unusual special forces, and one night all the "marine engineers" have been poisoned. Military Intelligence Service began an investigation of this dark crime. Unfortunately, it could not complete. Revolution broke out, and the case of the death of martial seal closed. Since coming to power of the Bolsheviks there was a danger that the secret methodical literature for the preparation of pinnipeds saboteurs would be the enemy, so most of the documents had been destroyed.

Fighters saboteurs

Repeatedly to the domestication of marine mammals and their use for military purposes they returned half a century later, during the Vietnam War.

This time, the Americans have achieved tremendous successes. Along with seals and sea lions, they began to attract the dolphins underwater. Their first baptism was patrolling the largest naval base in Vietnam - Cam Ranh. By 1970, in the operation "Quick Search" participated six animals trained on the base of San Diego. The inhabitants of the sea help to catch more than 50 swimmers saboteurs trying to attach to the sides of the American ships magnetic mines. Moreover, as argued the military, there were occasions when the sea lions alone destroyed swimmers using mounted on the nose of knives or needles of poison. According to the stories of former Special Forces soldiers the Black Sea Fleet, while the deaths of two Soviet diver-bomber.

Obviously, it inspired the Soviet experts to resume work with marine animals. In 1967, in the bay of Sevastopol Cossack it opened the first Soviet military oceanarium. On allowance was delivered 50 bottlenose dolphins. In the 1970s, the works connected to several dozens of scientific institutions of the USSR. "Dolphins and seals prepared in several areas: security and patrolling areas, the destruction of saboteurs, search and detection of various underwater objects," - says the chief coach of the Sevastopol military Oceanarium Vladimir Petrushin.


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