The flip side of the Dolphin and how the animals live during the tour

Dolphinariums are prisons for animals. In nature, orcas and dolphins swim up to 160 km a day. But in dolphinariums they have to be in the pools length and width 7.3 m, depth 1.8 m. Wild orcas and dolphins can stay in water for up to 30 minutes, they usually spend only 10-20% of the time on the surface of the water. But, since pools are very small, they spend half the time on the surface of the water. Experts believe that it is for this reason the majority of killer whales in captivity faint dorsal fins.

Dolphins are by using echolocation. With the help of sonar waves they receive information about all the objects, their shape, texture and location. In swimming pools the reverb of their own sonar reflected from the walls, crazy some dolphins. Jean-Michel Cousteau believes, for dolphins in captivity, "the world is becoming a mess because of senseless reflections".

In the pools cleanliness is maintained using chlorine, copper sulfate and other corrosive chemicals because of this, many dolphins swim with their eyes closed. Former Dolphin trainer Rick O Barry, who trained them for TV series and shows "flipper", believes that some of the dolphins because of the chlorine was blind. The Department of agriculture issued a decree on the closure of a Dolphinarium of "ocean World" after it became clear that due to too much chlorine in the water the dolphins skin is exfoliating.

Newly captured dolphins and orcas are forced to learn tricks. Former trainers say that the hunger and the contents alone it's the usual types of training. According to Rick O Barry, the concept of "training with the subsequent well-deserved reward" is a euphemism that should be interpreted as "denial of food". Sea animals before the performance at times give less 60% of the food that they experienced an acute feeling of hunger, and to get a treat, performed stunts better.

Former Dolphin trainer Doug Cartlidge States that these gregarious, sociable animals as a punishment kept in isolation: "They just put in a pen and not pay attention to them. It is a psychological torture." Not surprisingly, because of this, according to Barry O, they are in a state of severe stress. Sometimes the stress is so strong that dolphins commit suicide.

In the wild, dolphins live between 25 to 50 years. The male orcas live 50-60 years; females 80-90 years. Meanwhile in dolphinariums orcas rarely live up to 10 years. More than half of the dolphins die within the first two years of being in captivity, and those who survive this period live in average 6 years.

All interested pet owners is profit. Performance, photography and "Dolphin" continue in season continuously all daylight hours.

But the owners of this little. As soon as the influx of summer visitors disappear, the dolphins sent "on tour" in mobile dolphinariums or abroad. "Animals tour" is not a happy jaunt, but only a new round of torment. Every move is a cruel stress and the new torment.

The witnesses managed to capture the conditions in which animals are kept during a tour of mobile dolphinariums. At the end of April on tour in Perm has arrived the Moscow Dolphinarium. During construction a temporary building for performances, several animals were kept in a traveling container at the stadium "Yunost", was before the construction of the Dolphinarium.

According to estimates of the Center of protection of animals, while moving from city to city, the belugas are in containers for about a week. Given that the tours were held in eight cities, in the total amount of animals are kept in appalling conditions for more than two months per year.

It is common practice in the industry exploitation of aquatic animals. In close containers, half filled with water with faeces and urine, dolphins and whales spend several days in a row. As a result, they freeze, get sick, get eye burns. It was the "norm" of any mobile Dolphin, "norm" any transporting of dolphins.


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