Killer whales

Killer whales - the only marine mammals that populate the entire world's oceans from the Arctic to the Antarctic. Just depending on the amount of feed, the population density varies. Hold these toothed whales packs, allowing them to more easily provide food, which mainly consists of gregarious species.
Killer whales, circling around the jamb, ultrasound bubbles and shoot down fish into a tight ball - begins a feast for the whole pack. But there are animals who prefer meat diet. This is usually a small group of from two to ten individuals. These animals foraged birds, dolphins, seals and small whales.

Power and grace orcas cause in people with mixed feelings of delight, beauty, danger and certain superstitious fear, fueled by such films as "Orca". Many times I've seen these animals in nature, and I can say that in fact the killer whales tend to avoid human contact.

© Alexei Thursday - a biologist, an expert on marine mammals photographer.

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