Do not make noise when the whales sing (9 photos)

On the coast of Australia again jumped whales. The amount of 200 pieces (194 whale and dolphin 6).
Draw and release could only 48.


Why bottlenose, and with them the baleen whales, pilot whales, sperm whales,
Orca thrown onto dry land? What power makes them do it?

Since ancient times, science is struggling with the mystery mass death of cetaceans. There are many hypotheses. There are areas with special Mehta. Their only as "death zones" can not be called. This is the place where most often killed whales, dolphins. These black spots are both coasts of the USA, the Australian island of Tasmania, the southern coast of Chile, the coast of Tierra del Fuego ... And thrown something almost the same places. State of Tasmania is in first place in the world in the number of such tragedies. Over the past ten years off the coast of Tasmania, committed suicide about three thousand whales and dolphins. This is more than half of those killed in this way marine mammals worldwide.

Cetacean researcher at the University of Tasmania Mark Hindell believes that the death of cetaceans may be associated with changes in ocean currents, bringing to the coast of the fifth continent colder water and nutrients from the Antarctic ... There is a certain incompatibility.

Dutch scientist Van Heel horns concluded that shoaling due to an error radar apparatus does not receive the echo from a shallow soft bottom.

Toothed lose their orientation because of the ecological state of the sea water - its temperature effects. Or maybe it affects the phase of the moon, magnetic storms, climatic upheavals or, say, infrasound waves ...

Scientist from Cape Town Green suggested that the death of cetaceans on the shores of South Africa associated with unsuccessful attempts to track animals once existed historically Strait into the Indian Ocean, to whom they had enjoyed in the past ...


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