Worldwide whales are the largest, thick and very noisy animals. They are also very large brain. They weigh up to 150 tons and a length of 33 meters. But they can migrate long and far. Half of them can not sleep around 3 months and not eat two-thirds of the year.

The blue whale - the largest animal in the world. The weight of an adult can be more than 2 times per weight Brachiosaurus (the largest dinosaur previously (81, 500 kg)).

Head blue whale is very large, so that the total professional football team of about 50 people, it can stand on its tongue. His heart is the size of a small car and weighs 600-700 kg, because he needs to pump 8000 gallons of blood. The diameter of the aorta at the back may reach the diameter of the bucket. The second kit is able to breathe in 2,000 liters of air. No problem to dive deep depth. If you can whale under water and held his breath about 40ka minutes. Since the whales do not have external ears, they get the sound through the lower jaw.

They mostly travel alone and sometimes in pairs. The life expectancy of 120 years. In addition to the person singing the same can and whales. At first we thought that only males sing, but then found out that females also sing to their babies. Pregnancy whales lasts 11 months. During the 7-month female feeds her child with milk.


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