Cow, forgive them unreasonable. Not out of malice, they !!!

Hannover three o'clock police were chasing a pregnant cow!

Runaway pregnant cows from the farm caused damage amounting to 25 thousand euros to the German city of Hannover. Over five kilometers of the host animal is chased, 30 police officers and firefighters, as well as television crews. The cow was stopped only after a three-hour chase.
Wild people. Absolutely Nothing arranged for a barbaric show.

Well, the cow woke up in the morning, feeling - it's time (the cows, they feel so good), little things in a bundle and strode gathered himself to the hospital. And then the owner rushed out, and instead of the good things in farewell, let's shout: "Hey! Where? Stop! "And she told him, saying," Moo! "In response, giving birth, they say, run, do not worry, come back soon. And he started a cow, but neither psychology nor the physiology of cows does not understand, so even more uproarious. The noise the neighbors came running, firemen, police, TV, all the fingers poked, yelling: "Look! Cow! Pregnant! Runs! Ata her! ". Absolutely no sense of tact people do not have. Everyone we know that childbirth is stressful for a woman, and only when the crowd behind you mad hooting, there is not the joy of motherhood. Barbarians!

But carefully considered damage. 25 thousand euros! And what is 25 thousand euros? Well, the cow ran, well, scribbled horn indecent word, such as "we will not catch up!" On the hood of a Bugatti, here and 25 thousand euros. Incidentally, in place of the cow would have done so either.

And the question is whether the money?


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