His first big steps forward medicine has made in the XX century. In 1922, diabetes was no longer a fatal disease. Animal pancreatic insulin was obtained.

Scientist Alexander Fleming, in his carelessness, discovered penicillin. He's just not washed-tubes with pathogenic microbes and there formed mold. But before we get pure penicillin took another 12 years. Now, of course, we have a wide variety of antibiotics, but then, thanks to the discovery Fleming, diseases such as gangrene and pneumonia ceased to be fatal.

The structure of DNA was discovered in 1953. Since then began to develop very strong genetics. For the discovery of DNA, scientists, James Watson and Francis Crick received the Nobel Prize.

Only in 1954 it was discovered that the person is able to live with other people's bodies. It was an American physician brought this, he transplanted his 23-year-old patient kidney his twin brother. Unlike previous studies failed, this time, the kidney has taken root and extended the life of the patient is still on the 9t years.


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