1. George the giant lobster weighs about 9, 1 kg, suggesting that his age is about 140 years old. It caught in 2008 off the coast of Newfoundland. For a while George was the property of the restaurant City Crab and Seafood in New York City, where the lobster sold for $ 100. However, in 2009 he was released back into the ocean, largely influenced by the activity of animal rights group PETA.

2. Gutter Henry, who lives in the Southland Museum and Art Gallery in New Zealand, celebrated its 115th birthday. If researchers correctly identified the age of the reptile, the same age as Henry Al Capone. Interestingly, in 2009, Henry was able to produce offspring with other tuatara named Mildred, who was then 111 years. Indeed, love for all ages!

3. geoduck - a type of clams, which are considered the largest burrowing clams. In addition, the geoduck even centenarians: the average length of life of 146 years, and the oldest specimens found to date - 168 years.

4. It is Jonathan, 182-year-old giant tortoise from the island of St. Helena. "It is almost blind, lost his sense of smell, but it is still a good ear," - says a local veterinarian. In its 182 Jonathan may be the oldest living thing on the planet.

Jonathan in 1900.

Jonathan is now.
5. Until recently, he lived in a zoo Adelaide 83-year-old by the name of flamingos Greater. The bird came to the zoo in 1930, survived the attack of hooligans in 2008, but, unfortunately Australians, was euthanized in January 2014 after her condition deteriorated rapidly, and treatment stopped to help.

6. The orange roughy - kind of deep-sea fish, which reach sexual maturity after 20 years and can live up to 150 years. This means that the oldest known orange roughy was born around the same year, when Abraham Lincoln was president.

7. It is known that the red sea urchins live an average of about 200 years. These invertebrates are found in shallow waters off the west coast of America. The sea urchin, through all stages of development to adult in just 1 month, at the age of two years up to 4 cm in size, and then every year to add to growth of 10 millimeters. Particular attention these animals have attracted scientists after one of the living species has been discovered label, dated 1805 year.

8. Cookie Kakadu last year celebrated the 80th anniversary. He was caught in 1933 in Australia and arrived at Brookfield Zoo (United States) to its opening in 1934. Cookie has experienced much of their relatives: parrots this species in captivity live 40 to 60 years. Since 2009, Parrot stopped to show the public, except for individual appearances due to the holidays and the celebration of his birthday.

9. The mollusk named Ming caught in Icelandic shelf for the first assumption has lived 400 years. Repeated analysis, scientists identified his age at around 507 years.

10. Bowhead whales can live up to 200 years. The average life span of this type for 40 years. However, some individuals may live to 211 years, which is a record among the vertebrates.

11. The 103-year-old Granny, the oldest known whale, is the matriarch of the community orcas known as J-Pod. Her age was calculated in an unusual way. Since it was impossible to investigate the standard methods, the researchers used a method of calculation of the reproductive cycle. The first offspring of killer whales give the age of 14 and no longer give birth at the age of 40 years. The offspring of all life living with their parents, and this factor has allowed us to determine the age of the killer whales Granny.

12. Another survivor among the turtle - who died in 2006 250 years of Advaita, a giant tortoise from the island of Aldabra. The average weight of a turtle - about 120 kilograms. Advaita has been very popular among tourists and city zoo attracts many visitors the city of Calcutta.

13. Also in 2006, has died, another giant tortoise - 176-year-old Harriet zoo in Queensland (Australia). It is believed that Harriet Charles Darwin found himself in 1835 on one of the Galapagos Islands.

14. Albatros Wisdom, perhaps, is the youngest of the representatives of this list. She was about 63 years. Albatrosses are paired for life, and Wisdom with his partner raised about 30 chicks, the last of which - the 35th of ornithologists count - there was this winter.

5. Close the list Turritopsis dohrnii. Their other name - the immortal jellyfish. These creatures live in the Mediterranean Sea and in the waters of Japan. Their amazing ability to live forever was discovered by chance a student Christian Sommer (Christian Sommer) in 1988. During the summer holidays, Christian studied hydroids class aquatic invertebrates whose life cycle includes jellyfish with a characteristic feature - velum and polyps. Sommer kept his findings in a petri dish and watched their reproduction cycle. After a few days he noticed that Turritopsis dohrnii behaved very unusual, not giving a reasonable explanation. These jellyfish are not dying. In other words, they were growing in the opposite direction, becoming younger and younger, until they reached early stage of development at which they begin their life cycle anew. Later, scientists from Genoa, to deepen the study of Christian, in 1996 published a paper Reversing the Life Cycle, which describes the process of converting adults back into the polyps, which, in fact, opens the way for these creatures of potential immortality. By the way, Turritopsis dohrnii often called jellyfish Benjamin Button.


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