Horrible mouth Leatherback

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Leatherback turtle looks like a charming and harmless creature, but her mouth is hidden a few rows of razor-sharp, teeth that are envied by any predator. In the mouth, the Leatherback hidden hundreds of similar stalactites teeth (they are also called spikes) - they are in neat rows cover the mouth and esophagus turtle until bowel.

Leatherbacks - the third largest reptiles in the world, and among them turtles - an absolute record in terms of size. In fact, they are quite peaceful, feed mainly on jellyfish. To such an extent they can grow only because of eating too much - sometimes leatherback turtle can eat jellyfish per day, weighing a total of about 73% by weight of her own body. Therefore, the day 16 turtle absorbs about 000 calories, which is three to seven times greater than is necessary for survival.

Teeth give these turtles evolutionary advantage: spikes, tilted toward the esophagus, do not give the slippery jellyfish slide out of his mouth. This means that leatherback turtles are able to eat all kinds of jellyfish - from the smallest to the largest kind of hairy cyan.

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