Sea turtles have adapted to advance global warming

Some green turtles lay their eggs in the sand, the temperature is 2-3 degrees higher than normal. This does not prevent the eggs to develop normally - that is, global warming, these reptiles can find quieter than others.
As long as people are trying to figure out what to do with global warming, some of the animals have already begun to adapt to it. Zoologists from the University of Exeter (UK) reported that egg-laying sea green turtles suffer a temperature increase of three degrees, which gives these animals a good head start in possible climate shakeup.

The researchers studied a population of turtles make annual trip from South America to the Ascension Island, a British territory in the South Atlantic Ocean. This island is used as a collective reptile incubator, from generation to generation navedyvayas here to lay their eggs. But it turned out that not all beaches provide turtles same conditions. One of them is darker sand that affects his temperature - it is 2-3 degrees above normal. Nevertheless, for the turtles is not a problem, their eggs develop even at this extreme temperature.

Zoologists turtle eggs were placed in an artificial incubator at 29 ˚C and 32, 5 ˚C. Eggs that have been set aside in a hot sand, better tolerated temperature rise than those that were lying on a conventional beach. Another interesting fact that more heat-loving cubs continue to provide more successful, they survive better and grow up in larger animals. His work zoologists published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Results of the study appear more surprising if we take into account the positional relationship between the "cold" and "hot" beach on the island: just 6 kilometers. Usually, when people talk about the adaptation of different populations of the species to the peculiarities of the environment, they mean much more distant from each other geographic locations. In this case, the impetus was the behavior of the females, who one day discovered to their eggs warmer sand. Turtles lay eggs usually return to the same beach where there yourself, which ensured consistency elevated temperature for several generations.

It is not known how long this adaptation took in reptiles. But in the future it can easily spread to all kind of if-loving turtles visit to look into more cold tolerant neighbors. In any case, the green turtles that will oppose the possible global warming.


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