World Turtle Day (World Turtle Day)

It turns out that yesterday was World Day turtle (World Turtle Day).
We could not miss this event and want to share the turtles with a slight delay.

Unusual holiday originated in 2000 by the American Society of saving turtles (American Tortoise Rescue). This organization was founded by enthusiasts in 1990 in Malibu (California) to maintain the population of turtles living around.

The aim of the festival was to attract public attention to the destruction of a large number of turtles because of its proximity with people. On this day in all habitats of turtles held shares, during which volunteers save animals, making them a busy road crossings in areas of migration or other dangerous places. The participants of the shares sought for sea shores where sea turtles lay their eggs, the status of legally protected areas.

Finished business - walk safely

And now, ride me,?

In recent years, the turtle's Day is celebrated not only in those parts of the world where these animals are found, but in many other countries. On this day, people try to eliminate from your diet dishes turtles, and of goods - household items made from their shell (combs, boxes, etc.).



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