Guinness Book of Records for the year 2012

We offer you a selection with the biggest, fastest, long, strange and just nuts records for 2011, ranked in the edition of Guinness World Records 2012.

1. The largest number of accounts in a record dance game

Elizabeth Bolinger Iowa received this title for a record score of 100 songs in the games 'Just Dance' and 'Dance Central' and hit the edition of Guinness World Records for gamers in 2012. (Ryan Schude / Guinness World Records)

2. The smallest dog

The smallest dog in the world is Lucy, Yorkshire Terrier 14 centimeters in height. Her owner - Sally Leone Montufar of Abeskona, New Jersey. (Guinness World Records)

3. The largest number of Christmas illuminations in the house

The record belongs to David and Jane Richards living in Forrest POS, Australia. Their house and Adjacent 331038 decorated with festive lights. David does not say how much it cost the illumination, but all money donated by visitors, transfers to a charity 'SIDS and Kids'. (Guinness Book of World Records)

4. The smallest woman in the world

Expert Rob Molloy (right) and the doctor K. Sudzhatha (left) measured growth jyotih Amge. At the age of 18 its growth on December 16, 2011 was 62, 7 cm. (Stringer / india / Reuters)

5. The largest gathering of people dressed up as leprechauns

In the Grand Canal Theatre in Dublin gathered 262 people in costume leprechauns. (Maxwell Photography / Guinness World Records)

In the Canary Wharf in London on 17 November 2011 in some panties climbed 57 people. (Matt Dunham / AP)

7. The longest chain of kisses

In Beijing, November 11, 2011 have been the most massive chain tselovashki involving 351 people. (Guinness World Records)

8. The maximum distance traveled by the burning man without an oxygen mask

The record belongs to Danny Dyusterhoftu from Hamburg and is 119 meters and 91 centimeters. (Alexander Pihuliak / Guinness World Records)

9. The largest number of arrows caught blindfolded two minutes

Joe Alexander from Hamburg caught blindfolded four arrows. (Alexander Pihuliak / Guinness World Records)

10. The largest number of bottles, open head

Record set by Ahmed Tafzi in Hamburg is 24 bottles. (Alexander Pihuliak / Guinness World Records)

11. The largest number of popcorn, catch with two hands

Record in one minute was 26 and was put Joe Alexander in Hamburg. (Alexander Pihuliak / Guinness World Records)

12. The oldest yoga instructor

Today it is Bernice Mary Bates of Florida, which in '91. (Matt May / Guinness World Records)

13. The most massive training with hula-hoops

It was attended by 221 student elementary school Longleaf in New Port Richey, Florida. (Matt May / Guinness World Records)

14. The most massive dance Soul Train

It was attended by 211 students from Berkeley, California. (RC Rivera / Guinness World Records)

16. The most massive tea party

The event came in Essex 334 people. (Paul Michael Hughes / Guinness World Records)

17. The most massive exercise zumba-fitness

The Commission has counted 1,439 people who came to practice on Zumbe in the Netherlands. (Guinness World Records)

18. The winner of numerous records

Twenty-two Bridget Jordan from Sandoval, Illinois, whose height is 67 inches and her 20-year-old brother Brad are the most stunted relatives. (Gary Parker / Guinness World Records)

19. The most stalwart dog

Height Nova, a large Danish dogini Illinois is 89, 2 cm, weight - 72, 5 kg. (Jeffery R. Werner /

15. The longest chocolate

Mirco Della Vecchia, the owner of record for the largest chocolate sculpture and the tallest ice cream. Now he made a 15-foot chocolate weighing 6, 8 kg.



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