Conman on pensions

Because snow we now not so much in a non-stop, but the phenomenon for the end of March is quite ordinary, I went out today in the morning a little otgresti from the gate and other trail pave. Because the draw over the top of the boot fun for everybody. Masha currently measured shovel, a thought like to think. Suddenly drove me on foot Old Man Mushroom. And was started conversation with me for the fact that he, as a true patriot neighborhoods and organizer by vocation hired last week tractor that cleaned for us, ungrateful, travel through our communal forgotten gods street. And now he ought to be thrown off by fifty hryvnia to the court for his labors and heavy spending on technology. I stand and look at this natural wonder. He gestures to the Latin temperament and describes his hire, that Odysseus adventures.
Trying to correctly bring home to his grandfather that this street manually cleaned on a segment about a hundred and fifty meters sosedushki ours. Manually. And personally I progreb tunnel about thirty-five to two and a half meters. Because travel is necessary. This creation of a blue eye goes on to say that he personally hired a tractor. He adds that even some people rowing snow.
I understand that the debate is essentially meaningless, turn around and stomp into the house. Girlfriend asked what was the conversation. (Key conversation was slightly elevated, and the tone with his grandfather that horn - like and quietly, and to the bone). Describing. And finally ofigevayu. It turns out that this old mushroom zahazhival already in my absence. And since she was not up to date (it was absent at the time of importation), then quietly issued the required amount. Well, in fact. Fifty dollars a yard. But for a good deed. Yes and no lie grandpa something.
You live - and learn. Crook - it is age and gender. Or just have a state. Whose slogan is "obuy another, for he or anyone else necessarily obuet you"


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