Meetings in real life)))

- Never! You hear? Never, under any circumstances, you can not mix virtual relationships to real life. By no means!
 All these meetings in real life to no good do not lead!
 - Come on! Why?
 - Have experience! ..
 - Is it possible? .. Just curious.
 - Ouch! Nothing interesting! The usual story.
 - But all the same?
 - Well ... six years or something, back. I work only on the Internet appeared. Well, I foolishly climbed on all kinds of these forums, chat rooms, guest ...
 Communication, it is clear ish, is not enough.
 - Well? ..
 - Well I met in some guest. Such an interesting conversationalist!
 We were about a book ... about music ... poetry ... Interesting links ...
 Then I told him about myself. He told me himself something ...
 - Well, of course ...
 - And then he casually offers to meet.
 - Yeah, yeah ...
 - Well, I have what I think? Like a decent man. Why not meet? And most importantly - the curiosity is Babskii! And what, they say, he is in actual fact?
 - Well, well! ..
 - Met, yeah! The first and last time I agreed to meet with virtual friends! Do you hear? First and last!
 - What? It was not those for whom claimed to be?
 - Not so ?! Ha! Not so! He was completely sick, bruised on his head a jerk! Rotate tightly on his web design! I have these crazy in my life have not met!
 - Yeah ... Well at least not a swindler.
 - You know, it would be better too crook! With the least understood everything.
 - And this? What it was all over then?
 - With this? Ended? And who told you that has ended? Five years of marriage and two children - is, in your opinion, has ended? Oh! Excuse me! Hey, you! The two-three! Come here quickly! Again twenty cheese and beer? And I said that? Bread and eggs! Come on, lively home! Give me your hand! And you get off of my father!
 Three years soon, and mind only cartoons and chocolate! ... Sorry! Bye!

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