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Ordenonosnogo Udmurtia - the edge of risky agriculture. Therefore, the main focus of agriculture is zhivotonovodstvo. Meat and mainly dairy. In the rare regional center do not have a standard range of dairy products.

I went up to the selection of dairy products (in this case the cream) with scientific methodology. Taking the two packages of 0, 5 liters of cream dairy Izhevsk, I began to use them beaker at 0, 2 l and found that one package fails to fill 2 cups 5. The next day I bought two packages of 0, 5 liters of cream dairy District ***. Overflow them in the same glass, I discovered that one packet of cream is barely enough for 2 cups incomplete. With an effort I overcame the desire to immediately go to the store manager. Stop! - I said to myself. First of all it is necessary to ensure the reproducibility of experimental results. Repeating the experiment for two consecutive days led to complete reproducibility experimentally established difference between the amount of 0, 5 liters in the capital and in the regional center of the country.

Now I was ready to make public sensational results of his experiment in the store. To begin, I asked the administrator of a trading hall. Having listened carefully to my message, she was surprised and frankly said:
 - - No, we're not there aspirated cream. After a sealed package.
 - - What do you! I could not have imagined that you can suck !!! Simple, perhaps, the factory *** upset some electronic scales, which are metered cream, and I must say the manager, she said to the representative of this factory ***, which brings the cream. - I have outlined the most politically correct version of events.
 After confirming that no charges persnalnyh not supposed to, she has become much friendlier.
 - Here we checkweighers ... Let's put this package ... Here ... (Libra show 550 g weight with package) And now this ... (Libra show 390 g) !!? Something is true there is a difference! Let's goods manager will invite! - And ran a beauty shop in the administration.
 The trading floor appeared on merchandise, in physique which could correctly identify who "sucks" if the packages were not sealed.
 From the first words of Goods showed excellent knowledge of physics:
 - Well, who weighs in the balance the cream? - She admonished the young manageress. - Weight define cream beaker! Where, after all, we have the beaker?
 Manageress brought two liter plastic beaker from the relevant department, and two workers have begun to trade physical experience. Cream of each package have been thoroughly transfused into a separate beaker, and the difference became visible. Goods and manageress carefully looked at the levels of cream in each beaker as if it is now supposed to happen something unexpected.
 - Well? - I asked. - See?
 Goods took both the package and began to scrutinize written. A few minutes later she triumphantly announced that the cause is found: - So back! In Izhevsk dairy package is written, weight 500 grams! And on another package - the amount of 500 grams! After the mass and volume - it's a different action!
 - No ... But even there, and there are written program ... - protested manageress. - The price, after all, still going for the program.
 - You think? - I asked Goods. - But if the amount of 500 grams, and there is air in the package includes ... Now directress'll call and ask.
 The trading floor there was a third physicist, not counting me. I do not get involved in the explanation - who knows, maybe in the trade actually adopted its own system of physical quantities, dimensions and units of measurement?
 Head mused:
 - So ... So, here we pay for 500 grams of weight ... And then - for the amount of 500 grams ... Why 500 grams volume price something higher, because in volume and air is, and the weight of something in it, in vozduhe- what?
 And here all this physical surrealism scattered like broken glass.
 Head turned to normal and, in my opinion, the only possible concepts:
 - Yes, && yvaet us on the dairy ***! That tomorrow will bring, tell me - I myself re-measure and if Nedolya will not accept, and everything! Let driven, where they want!


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