"Schrodinger's cat" is a fun thought experiment

"Schrodinger's cat" is an entertaining thought experiment was raised, as you have probably guessed, schrödinger, and more specifically, a Nobel laureate in physics, Austrian scientist Erwin Rudolf Josef Alexander schrödinger.

Wikipedia defines an experiment in the following way: "In a closed box placed cat. In the box there is a mechanism containing a radioactive nucleus and a container of poisonous gas. The experimental parameters are chosen so that the probability that the nucleus will decay in 1 hour is 50 %. If the nucleus decays, it results the mechanism — opens the tank with gas and the cat dies.

According to quantum mechanics, if the above is not possible-observation, its state is described by superposition (mixture) of two States — decayed nuclei not decayed nuclei, hence, the cat sitting in a box, alive and dead at the same time. If the box is open, then the experimenter must see only one concrete state: "the core collapsed, the cat is dead" or "- not broke, the cat's alive".

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It turns out that we have a live or dead cat, but in the potential, the cat is both dead and alive at the same time. Thus, schrödinger was trying to prove the limitations of quantum mechanics, without imposing certain rules.

The Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics — and in particular, this experiment indicates that the cat acquires the properties of one of the potential phases (living-dead) only after the intervention of the observer.

That is, when a particular schrödinger opens the box, he with absolute certainty will have to slice the sausages or call the vet. The cat is definitely alive or suddenly dead. But while in the process no observer of a particular person possessing undoubted advantages in the form of vision, and, at least, clear consciousness, the cat will be in limbo "between heaven and earth."

An ancient fable about a cat who walks by himself, in this context, takes on new shades. Certainly, schrödinger's cat is not the most prosperous creature in the Universe. We wish the cat good for him outcome and refer to another entertaining challenge from a mysterious and sometimes ruthless world of quantum mechanics.

It sounds like this: "What is the sound falling in the woods tree, if there is no person capable of this sound to perceive?" Here, in contrast to the black and white of the fate of the unhappy/happy cat, we are faced with a multi-colored palette of speculation: no sound/there is sound, what is he, if he exists, and if not, why not? To answer this question it is impossible for a very simple reason — impossibility to carry out the experiment. Because any experiment involves the presence of an observer, able to perceive and draw conclusions.

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That is, you cannot assume that objects of our surrounding reality in our absence. And if it is impossible to perceive, then it does not exist. As soon as we leave the room, all its contents, together with the room ceases to exist or, more precisely, continues to exist only in potential.

At the same time there exists a fire or flood, theft of equipment or uninvited guests. Moreover, there are we in different potential States. The one I have goes around the room and whistling a stupid tune, the other I'm sad looking window, and the third was talking to his wife on the phone. It lives even our sudden death or good news in the form of an unexpected phone call.

Imagine for a moment all the possibilities hidden behind the door. Now imagine that our entire world is merely a conglomeration of such unrealized potential. Funny, isn't it?

But then the question arises: so what? Yes — funny, Yes — interesting, but that, in fact, does it change? The science of this modestly silent. For quantum physics, such knowledge opens new avenues in understanding the Universe and its mechanisms, but we humans are far from great scientific discoveries, such information seems to be useless.

Yes, as it is — to anything!? After all, if there are I, a mortal, in this world, then there is I, immortal, in another world! If my life consists of band failures and disappointments, somewhere there I'm a lucky and happy? In fact, outside of our senses nothing, as there is no room until we is not included into it. Our senses only deceive us, drawing in the brain picture "surrounding" world. What is actually beyond us remains a mystery.

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