Interesting stories about animals

To sum up the year and remember what happened in the world of interesting wildlife.

Giant mysterious eyes: the mysterious discovery on the beach in Florida

The most unexpected finding in 2012 became a huge eye that was thrown on the coast of Florida in October. The Internet community has become immediately lively debate, who also belongs to this mysterious eyes.

A few days later, the Commission for the Protection of Wildlife announced that the eye belongs to the sword-fish.

The smallest frog in the world

The world's smallest frog reaches the size of no more than 7-8 mm. The representative of the type of Paedophryne amauensis set a record - it reaches a length - only 7, 7 millimeters.

On the discovery of a new type of record size, scientists reported in January 2012, although the frog was discovered by researchers in the tropical forests in the south of Papua New Guinea, a couple of years ago.

Scientists believe that the frog is dimensioned to eat tiny invertebrates, such as mites, which are ignored by larger predators. Thus, it has taken its niche in the food chain and feels fine.

Who has the memory, but no brain: the most mysterious creature planet

Slime mold were probably the muses for the creators of the sci-fi film "Drop» (The Blob) in 1958, as well as many other Hollywood movies, but scientists have suggested that these simple organisms that do not have a brain, actually have a memory. < br />


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