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The man's face, like a mirror, clearly and accurately reflects his experiences, emotions, and often - and potential. To understand the secrets of physiognomy helps us Professor University of Maryland (USA) Timothy Wang: - In determining the nature and destiny of man physiognomists Chinese believe the mouth of one of the most important features - says Timothy Van. - The body receiving the air and food by mouth. And then, and another is necessary to sustain life. In addition, the mouth - a unit of speech, by which we express our thoughts, thus revealing the warehouse of his character. And finally, the size and shape of the mouth help determine the internal energy of man: how he is strong spiritually and can survive in spite of all deaths, becoming the winner?

Sign of the ideal

Ideal lip - when the upper and lower identical in size, not too thick or very thin. Colour smooth, light red. Men touch hard, and women - soft. If you have such a mouth, you're loving, generous, honest and determined person. After 40 years you will come a great success that will become deafening after 50.

Sign of perseverance

"Mouth of the new moon" - this name has lips like silhouette of the new moon. The corners of the lips are constantly raised up in a constant smile. A man with such lips has a logical mind, can eloquently explain their point of view and very convincingly. He has developed a deep ability to focus and show extraordinary perseverance. This mouth - have a very gifted artistically person.

The sign - rigid nature

Thin thin lips speak about the emotional coldness, delicacy, prudence - is here this nature. These people - the rigid nature. But as a rule, are prominent members of society because of their extraordinary energy and boundless enthusiasm. In addition, they are resourceful and creative. If you have won the trust of such a person, you can throughout rely on him. Sometimes even at the outer poise of a man hiding deep spiritual experiences.

Sign optimist

How would put forward forward - big and thick lips - a sign of increased sensitivity and good nature. This person is fluent in their feelings and emotions, it is difficult to ruffle. Can rebuff abuser while keeping calm. This nature is impressionable and optimistic. Friends often turn to him in times of trouble to seek support and assistance. Such a person is an optimist, loves contact and is rapidly gaining friends.

Sign of the general soul

The form of such a soul carrier - the bevelled mouth when one of the corners of the lips tilted downward and the other raised. That mouth has good speakers. And in life, they - the soul of any company. These people are more prone to exaggeration, but often only to create a theatrical effect, because it is a wide shower. If you are dealing with such a person, it is important to remember its sensitivity and the fact that he constantly uses his wits to isolate themselves and to protect themselves. They are lucky with money, but they tend to spend more than they can afford.

The sign - vanity

These people push forward the upper or lower lip and slightly swollen, - evidence of willingness to compromise and indecision. However, when everything is at stake, a man capable of any decisive action, rushes toward the problem and successfully resolves it. A man can forgive the one who hurt him. However vain. And such people have an insatiable libido, which they carefully hide from others. With age, these people often give birth to extramarital affairs.

The sign - "secular lions»

Big mouth with red shiny lips characteristic of successful people's power or secular. Such a person is committed to the popularity of the crowd, but protects the family ties. At the same time he does not have a clear goal in life, and he rarely brings large-scale plans to completion. Oster language sarcastic. In life, enjoy all that is possible, although it may be slightly secular lions greedy.

Caution sign

Small mouth in both men and women indicates a weak character and doubt in their own abilities. They are constantly seeking the approval of others. Slightly suspicious. Therefore, caution, especially in financial matters - is the motto of the people of the congenital type. Often they have no luck in his personal life. But they are surprisingly honest and demand honesty from others.



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