Temple of growing trees in Italy

The author of the project, Giuliano Mauri (Giuliano Mauri), unfortunately, did not live up to the present day. Italian famous "ecological" did not become an architect two years ago.
The building is located on the outskirts of the Italian city of Bergamo, at the foot of Arera that in the North of Italy.
The project is created inside of the tree 42 columns seedlings were planted hornbeam. As planned by Giuliano, about fifteen frames-limiting column will be "cramped" for trees and, of course, be dissolved. And do hornbeams form a natural structure of the Cathedral of the living tree.

The project covers an impressive area of ​​650 sq.m. In connection with the death of Giuliano, finishing work for his father, his son. In total, the construction took 80 seedlings hornbeam, 600 bars and 1800 chestnut fir trunks.

To connect elements used about 6 kilometers peanut vines.

Source: www.nur.kz


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