10 most beautiful cities in Italy, where Re-learn to love

In the world are many places where there is romance in the air, but Italy among them, is always on the first place for its wine and the people who breathe in deeply and laugh at those who devotes himself to hard work, forgetting about life. Italy - a place where you can and need to fall in love. And if you are looking for the perfect beach, where the sun will caress you and your mate her soft rays, or a tiny town, where do not ask questions, and where you can feel the sense of freedom, that Italy should be first on your list. Today we offer you 10 most beautiful and remote villages of the country.

Cinque Terre - Italy National Park, including man-made terraces and five small settlements on the coast of the Gulf of Genoa in the province of La Spezia Administrative region Liguria
. In the Cinque Terre coast is rocky and steep, stone or pebble beaches, with the exception of the sandy beach in Monterosso. In the villages preserved medieval defenses against pirates. Manarola and Riomaggiore connects the scenic road of love.
Kitchen population consists mainly of seafood, but also on the terraces cultivated grapes and olives, as well as other plants, produced wine and liqueurs.
Tip: visit the restaurant Vernazza Wineperiance, where Alessandro will offer you a choice of local wine of the best quality. It is better to come after the sun goes down - then you will fully experience the romance of the place


Siena - the city in the Italian region of Tuscany, the capital of the eponymous province, is one of the biggest tourist centers of Italy
. Siena - a university town. Almost half the population (about 20 thousand people) are students. Despite its location away from major transportation routes, Siena for its historical and cultural monuments, as well as the famous Palio attracts thousands of tourists every year. In 2008, the city was visited by 163,000 tourists from abroad. In the vicinity of Siena, in the area of ​​Chianti, the most famous wine is made in Italy, which is called - Chianti
. Tip: check out the bakery and ask Lorenzo Magnifico. He will offer you a hundred of their best delicacies and will not let go until you rasprobuete them all.

Como - a city in the Italian region of Lombardy, the administrative center of the homonymous province. Located in a picturesque area in the south-western tip of Lake Como, framed by the foothills of the Italian Alps.
The city is surrounded by mountains on one of them - Brunate, located here on the name of the town, can be reached by cable car and enjoy from the observation deck magnificent views. And after a hard and long day in this flourishing city has many hotels offer their rooms, where everything is arranged for good and proper rest, even beds, which can be viewed on the website mebel-vek.ru, made from an array, in order to ensure complete comfort. < br> Tip: If you have not been invited to a party at a private villa, go to Fresco Cocktail Shop and take the flower cocktail - memorably


Assisi - a town in the Italian region of Umbria, in the province of Perugia, on the southern slope of Monte Subasio, located high above the picturesque and tributary of the Tiber Kiasho
. Latin city Assisium - the birthplace of the Roman poet Propertius and the birthplace of the Catholic St. Francis of Assisi, who built the first monastery of his order
. Tip: rent a bicycle and traveled on it all Umbria


Positano - commune in Italy, located in the Campania region in the province of Salerno. In Positano villa is owned by Sophia Loren.
Tip: visit the beach Spiaggia Del Fornillo, where you can treat yourself to fresh fruit and local wine


Lucca - a town in the Italian region of Tuscany, on the Serchio river. Lucca - one of the few cities completely preserved ancient city walls, there are approximately 4, 2 km in diameter. From the top of the walls with beautiful views of the surrounding plain.
Tip: check out the restaurant Da Pasquale, where there is a family atmosphere and serves the best in Italy antipasto


Bellagio - a commune in Italy, located in the Lombardy region, is subject to the administrative center of Como. Settlement Bellagio is quite popular due to the excellent location in a picturesque location at the intersection of three branches of the Y-Lake Como.
Tip: take some time walking around the local orchards, breathe deeply scent of fragrant flowers and feel the unity with nature


Taormina - a historic city on the east coast of Sicily (Italy), on the slopes of Mount Tauro, on the terrace, 206 m above sea level, halfway between Messina and Catania
. Tip: choose comfortable shoes and be sure to climb the stairs to the church Chiesa Madonna Della Rocca. It offers a magnificent view of the city.

Tropea - town in Italy, the administrative center of the eponymous commune (district) in the province of Vibo Valentia, Calabria region
. Tip: Do not miss the opportunity to taste the famous delicacy Tropea - sweet red onions, which are prepared from onion marmalade and even ice cream


San Gimignano - one of the most scenic and popular tourist cities of Tuscany, the administrative region of Italy, as well as the same name municipality

. Reaching the heyday in the Middle Ages, since the town has changed little and remarkably preserved its medieval appearance, including the city walls and fourteen towers of stone - "medieval skyscrapers»
. Tip: If you do not have much time to Italy, do not waste it in vain and run into Gelateria Dondoli - it serves the best ice cream in the country. And maybe even the world.

: Fototelegraf.ru

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