Dolphin - one of the most unique in its excellence of marine mammals. These create a friendly and cheerful disposition differ high intelligence. A peculiar only to the unique abilities of dolphins evoke admiration and delight people.

Did you know that:
1. Dolphins are able to publish a wide range of sounds using nasal air sacs located beneath the blowhole. We can distinguish roughly three categories of sounds: frequency modulated whistles, explosive pulsed sounds and clicks. The clicks are among the loudest sounds emitted by marine life.

2. Dolphins are known for their playful behavior and the fact that for the sake of entertainment, they can let the air bubbles under the water in the form of a ring with the help of the blowhole. These may be large clouds of bubbles flows bubbles or individual bubbles. Some of them act kind communicative signals.

3. Inside the pack dolphins form a very close relationship. Scientists noticed that dolphins care for the sick, wounded and elderly relatives, and the female dolphin can help another female under difficult childbirth. At that time the dolphins nearby, protecting the female giving birth to float around it for protection.

4. Along with humans and bonobos (pygmy chimpanzee) dolphins are the only animals that can mate for pleasure.

5. Another proof of the high intelligence of dolphins is the fact that adults sometimes teach their cubs to use special tools for hunting. For example, they "wear" on the muzzle sea sponges in order to avoid injuries when hunting fish that can hide in the bottom sediments of sand and sharp pebbles.

6. dolphin skin is very delicate and easily damaged by contact with other surfaces. That is why before you pat a dolphin, remove all sharp objects such as rings.

7. dolphins mouth has 100 teeth, but they are not chew their food, but only its grip. All the spoil Dolphins proglatyvayut.

8. The word "dolphin" comes from the Greek «delphís», which is a derivative of the word «delphus», which means "womb." Hence the name of the animal can be interpreted as a "fish maw".

9. Dolphins can dive to a depth of 305 meters, but usually so deep they swim only during hunting. Many bottlenose dolphins live practically in shallow water. In the bay of Sarasota Bay (FL) Dolphins spend considerable time at a depth of 2 meters.

10. The oldest dolphin in captivity, named Nelly. She lived in a marine mammal park «Marineland» (FL) and died when she was 61 years old.

11. When the dolphins are hunted, then used an interesting tactic to corral fish into a trap. They begin circling schools of fish, locking ring, causing the fish to stray into a tight ball. Then in turn the Dolphins snatch fish from the center of the pack, not letting her go.

12. Dolphins can rise above the water to a height of 6 meters, when jumping out of the water


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