Gods of the rainforest. Amazon River Dolphin.

Photographer Kevin Schafer three weeks filming the Amazonian dolphins, trying to catch these truly elusive creatures in the murky waters of the greatest rivers in the world.

These dolphins live in the depths, in the murky waters of the Amazon, in Brazil and are freshwater mammals.

Photographer Seattle Kevin Schafer filmed dolphins three dolphins nedeli.Otlichitelny pink hue develops over the years and more shaded waters of the Amazon River.

Swimming next to almost six blind 2-meter pink dolphins, Kevin tried to ignore the murky waters of the largest river in the world, awash piranhas to make this a wonderful frame.

Kevin (pictured) took the wise advice of well-wishers and put on special waterproof suit to avoid infection or even the notorious piranha bites. However, a couple of days later, he still pulled it off as a suit hindered his movements in the river.

"I photographed the dolphins in a tributary of the Amazon - Rio Negro - says Kevin. - This part of the river known as the "wedding of the rivers" - are Rio Negro merges with the Rio Solimoes. This large water system near 1, 6 km in width and 30 m in depth. This is a great house for river dolphins. I was lucky that I found a group of them along the shore ».

"Underwater visibility is very small - you can see just 1, 5 meters, and then if you are very lucky. On other days I was grateful when he saw at least his outstretched hand, not to mention that to photograph these amazing animals. "

Kevin had to take into account that the river dolphins are virtually blind and guided only by echolocation. "That's why they make clicks and waving their heads by sending each other signals».

It is believed that these dolphins live in the Amazon, tens of thousands of years and go on a different path of evolution. "The water is so much silt from the Andes that dolphins are almost no eyes. It also affects the acquisition of pinkish hue that varies from gray at a young age to pink in middle ».

Aerial view of the Amazon River Dolphin habitat.

Less friendly than their bottlenose cousins, river dolphins were considered gods rainforest because of its elusive nature. The diet of these creatures, and among other things includes the bloodthirsty piranhas. Environmentalists say that the size of the population of the Amazon dolphin has the status "uncertain».


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