The most amazing facts about dolphins

Dolphins have long been one of the most beloved person of oceanic animals. They have high intelligence and a cheerful, friendly disposition. Most of us dolphins are associated with fun acrobatic performances in the Dolphinarium. However, some countries are seriously concerned about the detention of dolphins in captivity and even pass laws for their protection.

Why do dolphins have many people deserve this respect and become an integral part of human culture? Try to understand, after studying interesting facts about these wonderful animals.

Dolphin is the only mammal whose birth begins literally with the tail and not the head! Young dolphins remain with their mother for 2 or 3 years.

Dolphins have a weak sense of smell, but excellent vision and a very unique ear. Emitting powerful pulses of sound, they are capable of echolocation, which makes it easy to navigate in the water, to find each other and food.

Also, they like to do... surfing! For example, off the coast of the Hawaiian Islands can often watch dolphins, surfers.

The history of interaction between human and Dolphin starts with the first mention of these animals. It was recently discovered that the "body language" of dolphins are largely consistent with the rules of verbal communication of a person. Communication with dolphins has a positive effect on the human body, especially on the child's psyche. To such conclusion experts of the British in 1978. From that time began the development of "Dolphin". Now it is used to treat many physical and mental illnesses, including autism, and other ailments. Swimming with dolphins relieves chronic pain, improves the immune system and even helps language development in children!

A touching example of the care person about the animals in the shelter are fed a 10-day Dolphin who lost their mother.

Dolphins are easy and friendly to communicate with other animals, and they reciprocate.

Incredibly romantic fact from the life of dolphins – the ethologists who study dolphins of the Amazon, found that males give gifts to potential mates. So, what gift is waiting for female dolphins to consider him as a candidate for the continuation of the offspring? Of course, a bunch of algae from the river!



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