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Even in the first half of the 2000s, people were charged in its "Soap" film for the New Year, clicked a couple of times a feast, then in the summer of this same film podsnimali barbecues in the country, then the child with a bouquet at the school as of September 1 and dosnimali "tail" has at the next New Year's feast. Movie Film normal family gave in development with once a year.

As we have something has changed dramatically over the last 10 years - in all of us.
Viewers see live Steven Spielberg before the premiere of his film "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull».

Almost gone are simple, pick your nose "street idlers" - citizens staying at the place of any incident and just staring at him. Now most of the hands are full. They removed. What for? If you ask, many people do not find a rational answer.
"To check out the boys" - otmahnetsya from you the most talkative and will continue to "take a picture».
Read the kids from the slums, presidents and paupers.
2012. From left: Member of the unrest in Cairo. Right: President Medvedev in Rio de Janeiro.

Read the police and strikers ...
June 2012, the British police on parade police units. Right: in May 2012, the Spanish striking miners at the barricades.

... Amazonian Indians and the Chinese Communists, the blonde on the White House lawn and woman wrapped in a veil ...
May 2013. Brazil. Representatives of the Indian tribes of the Amazon, protesting against the construction of Belo Monte dam. In May 2013, before the arrival of President Obama to the White House, Washington. August 2012, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, women are photographed after prayers at a mosque in the old town on the first day of Eid al-Fitr. March 2012. The delegate of the Congress of People's Representatives in the Palace of the People in Beijing, China.

In June 2008, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the grooms at mass wedding ceremony organized by Prince Salman 1,600 couples from poor families. January 2013, Kashmir, India, on the mass prayer at the temple Naqshbandi Sufi Khodja Sahib.

"Instagramyat" great filmmakers, Thai commandos, Moscow Narodny vigilantes ...
Cannes in 2013, directed by Roman Polanski before the premiere of his film. February 2007. Steven Spielberg (in frames right) takes on a bar of soap Clint Eastwood and Ellen DeGeneres in the hall of the 79th Oscar ceremony in Los Angeles.

March 2009 in Bangkok, Thailand. Police photographs of the protesters, thousands of whom took to the streets of Bangkok, demanding the resignation of Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva. February 2013. People vigilantes gather at the Kazan railway station in Moscow to conduct raids to detect undocumented migrants.

... Russian TV star and Afghan peasants.
From left: Moscow, 2012, at a rally "For Fair Elections" takes on the iPhone TV presenter Tina Kandelaki. Right: Afghan men during the presidential election campaign in Kadragare.

The barricades in the streets of the troubled capitals not bristle with rifles and lenses.
May 2010, Bangkok. Barricades in the streets during anti-government protests.

There has already gained popularity a couple of shots, clearly fixing this global change. That crowd outside the cathedral of St. Peter in the Vatican in 2005, when he died, Pope John Paul II and was elected as the new Pope Benedict XVI. And the crowd below in the same place at 8 years old, in 2013, when the papal throne was occupied by Francis I.
The crowd at the Vatican in anticipation of the ad named a new pope in 2005 and 2013. From a mobile phone - to the sea of ​​mobile phones in the last 7 years.
Which removes all of these people on the second shot? What's even possible to remove a mobile phone at a distance? From a professional point of view - absolutely nothing. But it's more like just an unconscious reflex to leave a personal digital footprint of some moments, seemed important.

Benedict XVI became the first pope in history ... was forced to constantly communicate not with his flock, and with her pupils lenses.
Catholics see the Pope Benedict XVI, the Vatican, various years.
Maybe that laid down? Standing in front of the crowd, there was nobody to meet his eyes - all eyes are on the viewfinder.

Even the clergy do not remain aloof from the general film-making process.
Above: May 2012, Bishop takes on a tablet Pope Benedict XVI at a meeting in the Vatican. Below: in June 2012, Milan, the bishop removes Pope Benedict XVI on your smartphone during the Mass at the airport.

Kyiv, 2008. Orthodox priest and a nurse during the service, which conducted the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Alexy II and Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople.

Lenses shoot cameras and not the views of believers accompany from now on his last journey of the Patriarchs and Popes.
Top left: in April 2005, the Vatican, the crowd sees off the last journey of John Paul II. Top right: in August 2012, Addis Ababa, farewell to the Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Abune Pavlos I. Below: December 2012, Beirut, farewell to the Patriarch of Antioch, Ignatius IV.

That frame with the funeral of Polish President Lech Kaczynski, who died in a plane crash in 2010. Hearse floats through the streets of Warsaw.
April 2010, Warsaw. Seeing who was killed in a plane crash of Polish President Lech Kaczynski.
What can be removed at this point at this distance a mobile phone, but still without looking at the screen? Detail of the door of the car? Glare on glass? Such as photographers in front of a crowd? It looks like throw up his hand with fotoustroystvom has become for us a gesture, emphasizing the importance of what is happening, our excitement or respect.
"This is such a moment! How can it not withdraw? "- All owners of mobile phones woke up and lived a full life photojournalist.
More recently, it fotoreporterskoy professional duty was to capture on photo document and thereby save from oblivion the key moments of the life of society. It seems that now the responsibility for it began to feel we are?

Obama is said to be one of the best orators of our time. But the era is that there is no certainty whether the audience to hear the speaker. The audience follows the frame and the focus frame, and then immediately Twitty, instagramit, feysbuchit ....
April 2012. People take off on mobile devices, Obama's speech on the economy in the Atlantic University in Florida.

... And then again shoots.
March 2013. Obama and mobile phones.

Arts shoot you interact with the crowd, the art of posing his party members, the fans, the fans - that's what all the more acute need modern public persona. It is important what image they will carry after a meeting with you - no, not in their hearts. To begin with - in their mobile phones.
USA. The reaction of people seeing President Obama, various years.

People are eager to take everything that seems to them a remarkable than you can then share with those who did not have a number. This total photojournalism.
Left in February 2012, Moscow. Right: December 2012, San Francisco.

Got up in each inner photographer does not relax: "If you bear climbs out the window - fotkat it is luck!" - He whispers.
Brown bear begging on the road, looking at the car.

If you have a dead elephant - make it a souvenir photo.
September 2012. A boy from an Indian village takes elephant, who died under a train in Assam, India.

If you just killed a wolf entire platoon - do not waste time, click!
In March 2012. The police are killed by a wolf, which is supposed to attack the inhabitants of the area in Shandong province, China.

If you are in a neighboring yard catch terrorists, and all the world's TV channels are broadcast directly from there, immediately run back to your iPhone. This will be your only shot, only for your children and grandchildren!
April 2013 Boston, USA. Residents of neighboring houses removed courtyard, where, in the boat, was found and arrested by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, accused of organizing the Boston Marathon bombings.

If you are beaten guarding the presidential palace, taken by storm by you, do not forget pofotkatsya together before you start to take away the property of your former ruler.
April 2010. Kyrgyz police beat protesters in Bishkek during the storming of the government building.

Set fire to the car - shoot!
Above: in November 2010, clashes in Oaxaca, Mexico. Below: in May 2007, a collision during a May Day demonstration in Zurich.

They came to the grave of a friend - reach for a mobile phone!
May 2013. Arlington National Cemetery, United States.

To be with Gerard Depardieu in one of the royal box - so you'll be done for a goof, unless zafotkaete vspyhoy it from point-blank!
02/22/2013. French actor Gerard Depardieu during a meeting with Culture Minister Vladimir Medina at the Bolshoi Theatre.

Standing by the side of the Olympic track - remove yourself, do not be distracted by the athletes!
February 2010. At the luge track in Vancouver during the Winter Olympics.

And if you still somehow interesting athletes - remove them yourself, do not trust it to professionals, TV channels, and even neighbors in the podium!
March 2013, Rio de Janeiro. The famous runner Usain Bolt finish first in a race at a distance of 150 meters, surrounded by enthusiastic spectators lenses.

If you are an athlete, remove everything that happens to you, from the very beginning of your career ...
In June 2012, London. On a summer youth festival.

... And before her Olympic peaks.
In July 2012. The members of the Australian team at the Olympics in London.

Stay in silence deserted alley with myself - immediately start shooting all around, otherwise you'll have to listen to your own inner voice, and to that not everyone is ready.
March 2013, Paris. Lone passersby on the bridge over the Canal Saint-Martin.

Generally, if you witness something important or were close to someone important, do not waste time on-seed - the eyes and memories are unreliable. Engage your fotoustroystvo.
October 2012, Los Angeles, during the transport of the space shuttle Endeavour to the California Space Center. December 2012, Hanover, at the congress of the Christian Democratic Party of Germany.
Later, at home, in a relaxed atmosphere can savor all details. Unless, of course, can make a dramatic "picture».

One of the most striking evidence of the changes that have occurred in the human response - the behavior of passengers in case of accidents in aviation.
50, 40, 30 and even 20 years ago, survivors of a plane crash that covers shock, stupor, hysterical, someone began to pray, someone - fell unconscious ... 15 or even 10 years ago, when mobile phones have become the catchwords but did not know how to take photos, people immediately began to call relatives to announce that alive ...
But in 2010, sits in Domodedovo crash of the Tu-154.
top and bottom left: pictures taken by passengers after a hard landing of Tu-154 in Domodedovo in December 2010. Bottom right: the author of the top frame that cost all the tapes of news agencies of the world, with his mobile phone. Two people were killed and several were injured in the incident.
Its fuselage is falling apart, the two victims, there are wounded. But who could he leave the plane, get a mobile phone, and above all else - details removed debris.

Professional photographers are not allowed to the site of the incident and, therefore, literally an hour after the accident at all the world's newswires splash frames of the most advanced mobile phones, caught a passenger on board. Reporters from the news agencies simply bought them from him.
Photos taken by passengers on their cell phones after a hard landing of Tu-154 in Domodedovo in December 2010. Two people died and several were injured in the incident.

In the history of the space shuttle, only one person was able to remove the shuttle from the launch of the cloud layer - and do it on your iPhone sleepy passenger regular flights, which woke the crew message about an interesting spectacle for the porthole.
American Stephanie Gordon during the flight from New York to Palm Beach has managed to take a picture of the window through the window at the camera smartphone launch space shuttle "Endeavour". Hosted on Twitter picture looked more than two hundred thousand people. Before that, no one is not a professional photographer took pictures of the space shuttle with the same angle. "I think I just woke up at the right time," - said Gordon magazine Time.
We found a replacement for his own eyes.
We no longer looked at what surprises us. We just remove it. Then to see ourselves and that looked at the other.

Previously acted as professional photographers. Now so do the millions, if not billions already.
In 2007 at the world competition World Press Photo Spencer Platt won with the frame on which Beirut golden youth in a beautiful convertible arrived at the ruins of the consequences of the night pofotkat Israeli bomardirovki.
The winner of WPP Spencer Platt posing against the backdrop of its frame, the jury recognized the best scenes in 2006. This decision caused a lot of criticism of professionals, but after 7 years seems quite accurate: it marked the first time a loud new stable trend in relations between the general public and photographing devices.
WPP jury failed to understand and celebrate the person first recorded the moment when we become "Homo filming the».
In one of the latest movies reactionary father tells his son: "You must learn to remember everything without a mobile phone!»

Perhaps this is one reason why running a chain reaction: Sensing - the ability to connect emotionally to what is happening, blocking the camera, emphasize that you are part of the viewer. For many it is easier to live with. But the main reason, of course, we have woken up in an effort to share what they saw on a daily basis and just make themselves. Social networks have made it possible and necessary.
Photo before our eyes become pervasive language of communication of huge masses of people, direct way of transferring their experiences and emotions, free from verbal limitations.
June 2013 Baseball fan relieves himself at the stadium in Toronto, Canada. Right: in July 2008, Tokyo, in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the screens of the first film "Star Wars».
Wallpaper does not require translation. If she needs a short signature, it will put Google. The very picture "read" for 3 seconds - nearly discrete. The speed of consumption of information by the user, it leaves behind both text and video, and audio.
"Picture taxis." "Paparazzi" - a word that is born half a century ago, firmly established in the lexicon of the masses only in the past seven years, and in the popular consciousness has changed its meaning: for most it is not Wildlife Photography of the "stars", but simply a man with the included "internal photojournalist." < br /> Remove now the turn things previously unthinkable - until the falling of large meteorites, natural, air, sea and road accidents, acts of terrorism and other things, tickling the nerves.
"Photo and video enthusiasts" from the Taliban and similar organizations are very loved today shoot and upload to the network of people ... Death penalty Gaddafi took nearly a dozen before "amateur" lenses, and the death of Saddam took some "amateur". The mass audience has seen all the details of the event, which could not see more than ever.
This takes much of her imagination.

Arsenal removing gadgets were added recently, automobile video. Soon Google Glass will complete the general shooting weapons. And then each step of each person will be guaranteed by someone removed, at least in the public space.
Someone is ready for it, some do not, but the problem of violations of the privacy of life and death succumb to discuss other.
I have something here I wanted to write about the possibilities that apparently, we now have to rediscover for themselves.
Laying on each holder of the cell phone to document the events of the mission of our time, waking every internal fotokorra, we get a result that often looks like this ...
This is the latest of the "frames, which impressed the world", four examples of the many (from left to right, row by row): Chelyabinsk car, shot video recorder; disembarkation of passengers Tilt "Costa Konkrodii" shot in the dark in the infrared range; Flood at a subway station in New Jersey during Hurricane "Sandy" - shooting a surveillance camera, and finally crash of the Tu-204 Vnukovo - take the witness.
It's not even in the low technical quality of the staff - a couple of years of progress we have all the pillars will hang miniature HD-camera, there is no doubt. Every crack is seen.
But the fact is that we are rapidly getting used to impressive shots-fixations. It does not matter, they are made camera-robot or a living eyewitness to the mobiles, instigate "internal reporter". The principle of achieving the result they have one: "Something happened, I immediately took off, here, check it out." Clicking made by reflex. Mechanically.

We are getting used to obtain the upper layer of the event. We like this would be enough.


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