myths with their full exposure

32 teeth - is the norm

Neanderthals - yes, the ancestors of the people of the jaw were larger. A norm for the modern man - a 28 teeth. The remaining 4 - a "wisdom teeth" that erupt normally 16-20 years. Often, they bring a lot of trouble - erupt already rotten or start to deteriorate quickly and often they have to be removed. And about half of the people grows only 2 "wisdom teeth".

The Vikings wore horned helmets

This myth arose from the fact that for the first excavation sites of the Viking helmet was discovered ritual shaman decorated with antlers. But the Scandinavian warriors did not wear horns - a form of helmet was extremely disadvantageous in combat and dangerous warrior. Viking helmets were similar to the modern helmets - round or domed.

Arabic numerals Arabs invented

Arabic numerals came to us from India. Just Arabs brought out this form of writing numbers, which then spread across North Africa and Spain in Europe. The true benefit of Arabic numerals in comparison with Roman is not in their writing, and in a positional number system, in which the "weight" of the figures is determined by its position.

Spiders - insects

Treat spider insect completely wrong. They belong to the class of arachnids that are very different from the insects they have usikov- "antennas", they have four pairs of legs instead of three as insects, 8 eyes, etc.

Tetanus can get sick, heel stepping on a rusty nail

Tetanus or tetanus transmitted bacterium Clostridih3m Tetani, which multiplies in the intestinal flora of herbivores. With their feces bacteria gets into the soil. Unless, of course, the nail was in the manure, and then it got to the edge of the heel, can be infected with tetanus, but rust is not to blame.


"And yet it moves! .."

Galileo never uttered such words. They are not found in the minutes of the Inquisition, nor the letters of Galileo, nor any other contemporary written sources. The first mention of these words - in their notorious inaccuracy "literary sources" ("Querelles Litteraires") Irelli abbot, who seems to have just invented them.

Indians red color, the Chinese - Yellow

The myth of "krasnokozhesti" Indians invented the Swedish scientist Carl Linnaeus, who in the XVIII century divided the people on the "homo europaens albescens, homo americus rubescens, homo asiaticus fuscus, homo africanus niger" (European white man, the American red man, the Asian yellow people, the African Black people), but did not realize that the red complexion of the American Indian is often associated with the color of their fighting colors. Natural complexion Indians - pale brown. By the way, a typical Chinese person does not yellow typical European. The first mention of the yellow color of the skin appears in the XVIII century, when they began to divide mankind into races. This "required" intermediate race between whites and blacks in the north to the south. And then we invented the yellow race, to which the Indians have ranked first, and then, so to speak, an official decree attributed and Chinese. As a rule, the inventors of this classification had never seen anyone except the Europeans.

Napoleon's campaign against Russia was a disaster because of the severe frosts

Napoleon's famous phrase: "We won the winter, we have become a victim of Russian climate", but it is - nothing more than an unwillingness to admit their own mistakes. In fact, the weather for almost the entire Russian campaign was average - perhaps even warmer than usual. Preserved evidence of eyewitnesses who claim that the average temperature in October, when the French had already begun to retreat to Kyiv and Warsaw is 10, in Revel and Riga - 7 degrees above zero. Even the end of November at the famous crossing of the Berezina River had not yet been icebound. The terrible loss of the French army, to leave Russia, were caused by a useless planning, and the weather here has nothing to do with. Leaving Moscow, the army had stocks of fodder for the horses just for one week, so horses and dead like flies. Even in November, the temperature in Kiev was still above zero, as there is conclusive evidence, and the coldest night of Smolensk, when the temperature dropped to minus 8 degrees. Strong cold really came in Russia, but only in December, a few weeks after Napoleon's army fled the country.

Gutter on the blade - Krovostok.

The notch on the edge of a blade, which is mistakenly called Krovostok, actually - dollars. It is made to sufficiently thick and strong arms had less weight. Stoke blood, he does not contribute.

Antibacterial soap.

Antibacterial soap kills bacteria no better than ordinary.
The scientists tested how much bacteria remains on the hands of people who wash their hands with antibacterial soap and simple. The results are the same. But if only antibacterial soap to wash germs become resistant to its action.
To defeat the germs need to wash their hands for at least 15 seconds - simple soap and water, paying special attention to areas under fingernails.

Rainy London

In London, annual rainfall of 590 millimeters of rain in Rome 760, 870, Florence, Milan 1000, and even 1100 in Genoa could be argued that London - one of the driest cities in Europe.

Killer Sharks

Between 1916 and 1969 the whole world was registered 32 attacks white shark, the largest and most dangerous species to humans. 13 of them fatal, ie, less than one year in the case. If you add other sharks such as the tiger and blue, the number of victims will increase, but still not enough to match the number of people who die each year from dog attacks.

Scalping came from Indians

The custom remove the skin from the head as a trophy and a symbol of triumph was already known in antiquity. Scythians cut the skin from the head of his enemies - this is evidenced by Herodotus. This practice was common among the peoples of Western Siberia and the ancient Persians. On the contrary, the American Indians did not differ such brutality. Some historians even doubt that the Indians resorted to scalping before the arrival of white people. It is white, rather than Indians, began to remove the skin from the head of defeated enemies (because for the award should have been assigned to present the scalp). Initially, scalping was known only in the east of present-day United States, at the bottom of the St. Lawrence River and in the Gran Chaco region of South America, and from there the phenomenon spread to the central and north-western America.

Reading in the twilight harmful to the eyes

Nothing like this. It is also harmful to the eyes, like, say, photographing in low light - to the camera, that is all. Of course, to consider the letter in low light, we need stronger strain your eyes and the result can be a headache, but it does not harm your eyes.

Shaved hair grow faster and become harder and darker

A clinical study of the sample in 1928 show that the hair on hairless areas of the body is no different from other places not affected by shaving. The cause of error in an optical illusion. Cut the tops grow back after shaving the hair at first seem to be more noticeable, but over time, this difference disappears completely.
"Religion - the opium of the people"

It chased definition does not belong to Marx and Lenin, is thought to everything, and the German writer Novalis. "Your so-called religion acts as opium: it attracts and dampens pain rather than to give effect" - wrote Novalis in 1798. By the way, most of the other "Marxist" sayings and does not belong to the Marxists: "The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains" (Jean-Paul Marat), "Workers of all countries, unite!" (Karl Schapper), "dictatorship of the proletariat" (blank) "From each according to ability, to each - according to his needs" (Louis Blanc), and so on.

Hedgehog eating mushrooms and apples, carrying them on his back

Jerzy - predators, their favorite food - frogs, worms, insects and small animals - voles, for example. Apples hedgehog does not eat. And even more - not stand on their spines. This misconception

Red wine made from red grapes, white - white

The juice of most grape varieties - light, and if after crushing the berries is separated from the skin and the denser parts of the berries, the wine produced from this juice will always be white. Thus, the white wine can be obtained from all white and pink varieties of grapes, as well as from most of the red (except for two or three with colored flesh).

In the USSR, no sex

In fact, this phrase ripped out of context. Member of the Committee of Soviet Women Lyudmila Ivanova, said in response to the words of an American that "you because of Afghanistan in general should stop having sex with your man - then they will not fight" response - "we have no sex in the USSR! We have love. And you also sleep with their husbands, when the Vietnam War was ". When installing the transmission in the USSR ice cut. The Americans have had a full version of the teleconference.


Healers often caught by the hand. No operations they really do not and specialize in the treatment of travelers. All cured of the peritoneum "blood clots" and "polyps" are most likely to pluck slaughtered chicken for lunch. However, the most expensive healers can afford to buy this waste, made in hospital operations. In 2000, The Medical Journal of Australia ° F Journal published a study of the blood remaining in the clothes of a woman after surgery healers. It turned out that this was human blood, but the blood group of the patient did not coincide. Recently, healers began to tour, even getting to Moscow, Vladimir and Simferopol.



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