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Yuriy Stoyanov born July 10, 1957 in the village of Borodino near Odessa. His mother - a Russian, and his father - a Bulgarian, one of those that settled in the 19th century in the south of Russia. Soon the family moved to Odessa, and the Jura childhood passed on Siltings, near the sea. In school, he was involved in fencing (and even became a master of sport), playing the guitar and loved the movie. His grandmother was a cashier at the cinema, so Yuri and watched all over multiple sessions per day. After high school, where he studied well, but gained a reputation as a joker and teaser, Stoyanov entered the Moscow State Institute of Theatrical Art named after AV Lunacharsky, where he studied acting. After graduation in 1978, he received an invitation to the Leningrad Bolshoi Drama Theater. BDT, where he worked until 1995. On the stage of this theater Yuri played different, but small role. Perhaps his only major work in the BDT was the role of Mozart in the play "Amadeus". Stoyanov and known as a film actor. He began acting in 1980's. It was during the shooting of the picture "Jokes" in 1989, he met with Ilya Oleinikov, his future friend and colleague. Then there were a number of roles in films - "Carnival Night 2" (1996), "The Alchemist" (2000), "Silver Lily" (2000), "Three polugratsii" (2006), "Hare over the abyss" (2006), " Shakespeare never dreamed "(2007)," Mamma Mia! "(2008)," The Golden Key "(2010)," The New Adventures of Aladdin "(2012)," The White Guard "(2012) and others. But the most valuable and loved to become an actor in the role of the major belts - "12" N.Mikhalkov and "Man at the window».

In parallel with the play in the theater and in film shootings Stoyanov began working at the Leningrad television. It was there in the 1990s, together with Ilya Oleinikov they were televised "Adam's apple", and in 1993 created the famous TV show "Town", soon won the sympathy of the audience and repeatedly award-winning "Taffy", where both acted as authors, director and principal actors. Torn between theater and favorite programs, Stoyanov made a choice in favor of "small town", although leave the BDT was hard ... and its transmission Stoyanov Olejnikov did almost 20 years, but in November 2012, Ilya L. died. Death became a friend and colleague for Yuri Stoyanov great tragedy ... In 1997 he published a book, "See you in the town", written by them in collaboration. People's Artist of Russia, holder of the Order of Merit - Yuri Stoyanov awarded the "Golden Eagle" in the category "Best Actor" (the movie "12"), nineteenth-winning public festival "Viva Cinema Russia!" For Best Actor (film "The Man from window "), as well as several awards" Taffy "for the program" Town ". The actor married his third marriage. His first wife - Olga - art critic, and their children: Nicholas (1978) and Alex (1980), who now live in Moscow. His second wife - Marina (1983-1995). And in 2000, Stoyanov married Helena, 3 years later had a daughter, Kate, whom Yuri N. loves and believes the most important gift of my life. At the dramatic scene the actor did not come out for 15 years - after the departure of the BDT never, but in 2000 the St. Petersburg playwright Ilya Tilkin invited him to play "Reset". According to the author, this project could only take place with the participation therein Stoyanov, who agreed ... Today Yuri N. plays the Moscow Art Theater in several productions. In recent years, the actor generally lived in two cities - Moscow and St. Petersburg. In the capital, he moved his family here Yuri Stoyanov plays at the Moscow Art Theater, active in films, commercials, takes part in film scoring, and participates in various TV projects. In St. Petersburg, he was shooting "Town» ...

Ilya Oleynikov (real name - Klyaver) born July 10, 1947 in Chisinau. In 1969 he graduated from the department of clowning, voice and musical genres eccentric Moscow State College of Circus and Variety Arts. During his studies he worked as an artist Ilya conversational genre in "Moskontsert", and at the end of the school year he worked in the orchestra Saulsky "VIA-66." Then he served in the Soviet Army. In the years 1974-1990 he worked in Ilya L. "Lenkontserte." It was then to work in a duet with Roman Kazakov he took the stage name Olejnikov - in honor of the maiden name of his wife Irene. Outstanding talent artist was first recorded in 1977 - he won the All-Union competition of performers. Duet "Kazakov and Olejnikov" also worked with Vladimir Vinokur (particularly in the pop play "Do No extra ticket»).

In the mid-1980s, the duo first appeared on the television screen. But soon the Cossacks died and Oleynikov had to seek a new partner. As he spoke, the partners changed as gloves, until he met Yuri Stoyanov. Their duet was released in 1990, when the actor starred in the film V.Titova "Jokes" and came to work at the St. Petersburg TV. In the same year, was filmed their first and only joint production program "Kergudu." Since 1991, Olejnikov Stoyanov and acted in the TV program "Adam's apple" under the heading "Anecdotes from Adam to the present day" at the St. Petersburg television. Ilya L. later admitted that those programs were still very weak and raw. But the topic was very popular with the audience, and the actors are so great to come to each other that all of this has led to the creation of on the basis of its own project.
In 1993, together with Olejnikov Stoyanov created their television program called "Town", which aired continuously since then, and in which Ilya L. participated until his death. Very soon, the program has become very popular and won the sympathy of the audience. In 1996, 1999 and 2002, she was awarded the "Taffy" in the categories "Entertaining" and Olejnikov received "Taffy" in the nomination "Best Leading entertainment program." Total to date produced 300 issues of "small town" and Olejnikov and Stoyanov played, in total, more than 6,000 different characters. In parallel with work on television, Olejnikov also acted in films. His debut role was in the film "Trembita" in 1968. Although he appeared a bit, but his every appearance on the screen was visible. Most viewers remember his role in the film: "Jokes" (1990), "Carnival Night 2" (1996), "The Thin trick" (1999), "Labors of Hercules" (2000), "The Alchemist" (2001), "The Twelve Chairs "(2005)," The Master and Margarita "(2005)," The Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors "(2007)," Mamma Mia! "(2008)," Just Married "(2011). Total in the filmography of the actor over 20 film roles. In addition, Olejnikov wrote and directed the musical "The Prophet" in 2008, he played brilliantly in the play "A Perfect Murder" in the Satire Theater, starred in commercials, and in 2010, together with his wife released the album "Chanson for two." He is also the author of books - "See you in the town" (1997, co-authored with Yuri Stoyanov), "Life as pesTnya" (2007). The actor was awarded the Medal of Honor and the title of People's Artist of Russia. Wife Oleinikova - Irina Klyaver, their son Denis Klyaver, musician and lead singer of "Tea as a couple." The last months of the actor was seriously ill, but bravely fought for life, work, continuing to delight fans with his creativity. And it seemed that the disease began to recede. But at the end of October, he was hospitalized from the set. November 11, 2012 at 4 am heart stopped artist. Ilya Oleynikov died in the hospital of St. Petersburg as a result of cardiac arrest. He was 65 years old.


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