Things had to make Ilya Oleynikov in the last year of his life. (5 photos)

November 11, 2012 passed away a wonderful person and an artist, founder and hero of the "town" Ilya Oleynikov. Despite his illness, he worked a lot and worked. We remembered that managed to make Ilya Oleynikov in the last year of his life

He produced the "Caucasian captive-2»
In 2012, we began filming a remake of the legendary paintings, beloved by all audiences "Prisoner of the Caucasus." It Ilya Oleynikov had the idea to make the interpretation of the beautiful comedy with a modern twist. He produced the film. The creators of the remake did everything to make the viewer feel the atmosphere. To do this, the director Maxim Voronkov and Ilya Oleynikov specially signed contracts with all owners of copyright in the famous movie. It was spent not a small part of the budget picture.
Beauty Nina plays Nastya Zadorozhnaya and cranky Shurik - Dmitry Sharakois (Levine of "Internship»).
The creators of the remake noted that it was very important to preserve the spirit and style gaydaevskoy tape. The aim was on the one hand - not to scare off those who know by heart now, on the other - to attract a new, younger generation. It turned out it or not - to judge the audience.

He starred in "The Mexican trip Stepanych»
This is the third part of a series of films about the adventures of the driver Stepanych where Ilya Oleynikov plays a major role. The first two films - "Thai trip Stepanych" and "Spanish Stepanych Voyage" is very liked by the audience, so the director Maxim Voronkov decided to withdraw the third part, released in 2012, which also plays a major role Ilya Oleynikov.
In the film boring routine Stepanovich suddenly interrupted by the decision of the special services: Timothy S. trenches should help the country and go to Mexico. His partner will be the old friend Simon, with him Stepanych will portray ordinary tourist. But in fact, two Russian travelers with a special mission.
It was the last film, which starred Ilya Oleynikov. As he spoke here, and as a composer, writing the music for the film.

He played in the series "Newlyweds»
Many remembered Ilya Oleynikov and work on the hit series "Newlyweds" and "Molodozhneny-2", which came out on the channel STS. Work on the project was in 2011 and in 2012. It Ilya Oleynikov played ubiquitous and naive Andrei Petrovich - Pope Lera.
Events of the series revolves around the newlyweds Leschi and Lera. They are under thirty years, they have long together, but this is their first year of marriage. They love each other. Living in Khimki, but Lera believes that they need to move to the capital. The matter is complicated by the arrival of Andrei Petrovich - Lerin pope. Overage child, he always tries to intervene in the life of the newlyweds. With this role Ilya Oleynikov coped fine.
In an interview with "Komsomolskaya Pravda" in April 2012 Ilya Oleynikov even tried to compare himself and his character in real life. Andrei Petrovich in the series struggled to build relationships with the children, to make their lives better.
 - This figure is similar to my father. He also always wanted to improve the situation of the family, but in the end everything turned out the opposite - remember Oleynikov. - But my dad at the same time was very rukasty, it is absolutely wonderful cook. Alas, none of these qualities I can not convey. I'm terribly cook, nailed for me a big problem. When dad was 65 years old, he did touring the city on a motorcycle - he had a "Java" with a sidecar. And I could not get in, and I have no rights. But the wife and son lead just gorgeous. In this we are like my Andrei Petrovich - he, too, can not absolutely nothing.
But in contrast to the serial dad who constantly interferes in the lives of young, Ilya Oleynikov on the relationship with his son (member of the duo "Tea for Two" Denis Klyaver - auth.), A completely different setting - not to interfere in anything ever.
 - Because, firstly, to no good it will not. And secondly, it would still do as he wants. Yes, and we live with his wife in St. Petersburg, and he was in Moscow. Maybe you think that I do not patronize because he was 37 years old? My Dad interfere with my relationship with my wife, when I was 45! Since that age in that sense at all about what does not speak, - said the actor.

Mark the 65th anniversary
Shortly before his death - July 10, 2012 - Ilya Oleynikov celebrated its 65th anniversary with the closest relatives and relatives. And over the same along with his friend and partner - Igor Stoyanov. Birthday creators town was one for two - both born on July 10 with a difference of only 10 years. And in 2012, Ilya Oleynikov said 65, and Yuri Stoyanov - 55.
Then Ilya Oleynikov already knew about his illness and tried to fight it - he really wanted to live. However, to give an interview on the occasion of the anniversary of "Komsomolskaya Pravda", he could not - the actor lost his voice, he spoke in a whisper, and therefore refused to meet.
Photographed in the 284th issue of "small town", which was the last
Humorous TV program "Town", which lasted almost 20 years, has been loved by many viewers. Due to its creators and heroes - Ilya Oleynikov and Yuri Stoyanov, the program was unique and special. We all remember the headings ZHZL - Lots of great people, fun our town and many others that made the audience laugh to tears at times.
Total during the existence of the transfer issue 284 came out. 284 minutes that viewers saw at the end of October 2012, was the last release, which starred Ilya Oleynikov and the latest release of the program in general. After the death of the artist Igor Stoyanov transfer closed, saying that without Elijah does not make sense. Mark the 20 year anniversary of the program, which was to be held in 2013, it was not fated.
Filming in the latest issue of the town, Ilya Oleynikov could not speak, because he did not have the voice, so it sounded different person.



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