10 quick ways to get in shape

It's already March, and you, despite promises to myself, still in their winter body — what is there to conceal, with a couple or so extra pounds? Do you want to get back in shape but don't know where to start? Try the following 10 steps.

1. Squat! Some fans of fitness think it's a universal solution: no matter what problems you are faced — squat. Of course, squats can be considered as a kind of recommendation but it really is really one of the most versatile exercises, an exciting almost all the muscles of the body. No wonder it belongs to the basic and recommended for almost everyone: for men and women, for weight loss or building muscle mass. However, for women in an age when the fashion is rounded outstanding priests, squats become doubly important. Fortunately, you can do them anytime and anywhere. Start to squat today, gradually increasing the number of squats, and a month later enjoy the result!

2. Add the base by the Way, one only knee-bends is not limited by that need to enter in your Arsenal and other basic exercises: pushups, pullups, planks, etc. They can also be run in any conditions — to give even during a break at work. And to monitor the results is very simple: just seek to increase the number of sets and/or tempo run.

3. Engage in HIIT is Another option for busy and hungry for results as quickly as possible. High-intensity interval training (High Intensity Interval Training, HIIT) accelerates the metabolism, increases endurance and provides fast fat burning. HIIT involves alternating rounds of exercise, performed at high and low intensity, such as running and walking. The corresponding complexes can be easily found on the Internet and perform anywhere — such as at home or in the yard. Main advantages: HIIT takes a little time and gives fast results.

4. Sign up for Boxing Want drastic changes? Try something unusual and effective — for example, Boxing. Today the sport is accessible to all — they even have a model. And, apparently, not in vain: because Boxing is not only a high-intensity activity, which includes work all the muscles, but also a great way to relieve stress.

5. Practice on the street of Course, training in the gym has its advantages. But all the above types of activity it is possible to move and fresh air. In the spring of this alone can serve as an additional incentive for regular training. Down with treadmills and exercise bikes — why they are needed, when there is a cute bike and trails close to home!

6. Review the food Without it nothing happens. In winter, it's tempting to relax the body requires to eat more. But in the spring it is necessary again to pull yourself together and remember that everything we eat affects our appearance. Ideally, of course, it would be good to consult a specialist in nutrition. But you probably would be able to determine what you should change in your diet: to clean fast carbs in the form of sweets or to reduce the amount of harmful fats. If you continue to eat fried foods, now is a great time to give it up and go to cooking for a couple.

7. Drink water! How many times do not repeat, will not be superfluous: many of us drink enough! Talking about pure non-carbonated water. Everyone knows that the human body by 70-80% consists of it. Make sure that during the winter there began to drink less, get back to your optimum drinking regime. As a rule, an adult requires 2-3 litres of water a day. If you do a lot of physical exercise, to replenish the water balance should be more actively.

8. Learn yoga Spring is a great time to try something new or to join in some useful occupation. Have you tried yoga before or not, why now not make it a part of your life and fitness schedule? This ancient areas of physical and spiritual development, there are many advantages and virtually no contraindications.

9. Think about swimming Another great way to cheer up and prepare for the upcoming summer swimming. Buy a season ticket to the pool — this will help you not only to recall how to conquer the waves, but gently correct the shape of the body.

10. Take a course of massage Contrary to the assurances of advertising, massage are unable to help to lose weight or to gain clear contours and shapes. But he certainly has a positive impact on the condition of your skin and, in combination with active physical load, contribute to the return to your perfect beach body!


Source: fitfixed.com


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