We offer you a selection of the most interesting facts from the world of sports. Sometimes unbelievable, but, nevertheless, a fact!

1. checkers may only 7 variants of the first move.

2. In the game "Battleship" ships occupy 22 cells from 100.

3. The most popular sport in the cinema - boxing.

4. Boxing was legalized as a sport only in 1900.

5. About 30 percent of NBA players have tattoos on his body (an average of America, tattoos have 4 percent of residents).

6. In 1958, Jay Foster of Jamaica won the national championship in table tennis. At that time he was only 8 years old.

7. Of the 51 matches, conducted by Mike Tyson in the professional ring, he finished 21 by knockout in the first round (40, 8%).

8. How many chess horses can be placed on a chessboard so that they were not under attack each other? Answer: 32.

9. In the football championship of the Vatican play teams like "Telepochta", "guards", "bank", "Library", "Team museums».

10. During the 1896 Olympics in the gym included: long jump, pole vaulting, climbing rope, shot put, and others.

11. The slowest speed in the sport was recorded August 12, 1889 - 1, 35 km / h. This sport was a tug of war.

12. According to research conducted by Detroit Free Press, 68 percent of professional hockey players on the ice lost at least one tooth.

13. The first ever Olympic champion in 776 BC became a cook from Elis named Koreb.

14. The longest recorded in the party game "Monopoly" lasted 1680 hours (over 70 days).

15. Soccer ball consists of 32 sockets - 12 black pentagons and 20 white hexagons.

16. Chess term "Gambit" is derived from the Italian expression «dare il gambetto» - «to put the bandwagon».

17. Immediately after hitting the golf ball speed is 270 km / h.

18 bowling pins to fall enough deviations in 7, 5 degrees.

19. In 1900 - 1920. tug of war was an Olympic sport.

20. Americans spend about 1.5 billion hours a year on the game Tetris.

21. Sports Hat Trick term is derived from the custom in the game of cricket. If a player is able to successfully three times to throw the ball, it awarded a brand new hat (Eng. Hat - huts).

22. Contrary to the belief, judo not 10, but 12 Danes. However, given the eleventh has not received any one person, and the twelfth was awarded to only one person - the founder of judo Dhigaro Kano.

23. The oldest man to win an Olympic medal, was Oscar Swahn, runner-up in the shooting competition at the Olympic Games 1920 in Sweden. Then he was 72 years old.

24. In the chess game lasted 40 moves, may 1, 5, 10 in the 128-degree options for the development of the game. This exceeds the number of atoms in space.

25. In 1477, Edward IV of England banned the game of cricket, as it interfered with training in archery.

26. The final game of the European Football Championship 1976 was the hundredth game Franz Bekinbauera for the team of Germany.

27. Among the champions in all sports age Champions Billiards largest - an average of 35, 6 years.

28. For the first time hockey goalie mask was applied in 1936 in Berlin by the Japanese goalkeeper Tanaka Hoima.

29. In 1936, at the opening of a table tennis tournament Pole Enrlih Alex Farkas Paneth and Romanians played one ball for 2 hours 12 minutes.

30. At the entrance to Centre Court at Wimbledon lines written by R. Kipling: "... And if you meet with triumph and disaster, you manage to treat cheats anyway ...»

31. The composition of the US team (!) At the XXX Chess Olympiad in Manila: Irina Levitin, Elena Ahmylovskaya Anna Ahsharumova, Esther Epstein. Coach - Alexander Ivanov.

32. In the battle sumo winner is the one who will make the opponent to touch the ground with any part of the body - the knee, hand, head ... or force him out of the ring.

33. British racehorse "Comedian", which won more than one prize in the derby 20s, it turns out, should not have been run. Autopsy made after her death, revealed that she had only one lung.

34. In the 1979-80 season at age 19 Wayne Gretzky became the youngest hockey player in NHL history to win 50 or more goals and 100 points or more in a season, and the youngest player to recognize the "most valuable player of the league».

35. In June 1963, in Britain, the ball is sent with the filing of an English tennis player Michael Sangster, flying at a speed of almost 248 km / h. It was the most powerful flow ever recorded in world tennis.

36. In ancient Greece, if the fight fisticuffs delayed, with the consent of both contenders judge appoints ... climax (!) - The gain. By lot one of the fighters was not being covered, take a hit. If you survive, then he beat, and so on until the complete victory of one of the contenders.

37. Previously card suits peaks called spades, broody and wines; in Hearts - hooves; color diamonds - botyami and calls, and clubs - acorns.

38. June 24, 1989 Sarunas Marciulionis became the first Soviet basketball player, has signed a contract for 3 years with the NBA («Golden State Warriors»).

39. Rules horseracing state that the length of the name of a running horse shall not exceed eighteen letters. Too long names are cumbersome to write.

40. The statute of the Australian Golf Club says that if the ball gets into a kangaroo, then to play on, as if nothing had happened.

41. Hurling - is an Irish field hockey.

42. The length of a billiard cue - 142, 5 centimeters.

43. Checkers Chess older.

44. Baseball originated in 1700 in England.

45. Football Wembley Stadium in England created just for games, practice on it is prohibited.

46. ​​Billiards takes in the United States seventh place among all sports prevalence.

47. After impact, professional volleyball ball can fly at speeds up to 130 km / h.

48. There are 170 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 ways to play the first ten moves in chess.

49. The average age of women participating in the Summer Olympics, 20 years old.

50. In ice hockey goalie has two schools - "Butterfly" and "stand-up».

51. The sum of the numbers on opposite sides of the dice is always 7.

52. Prior to the 1850 golf balls were made of leather and stuffed with feathers.

53. The number of items in the game in the first 1076 times greater than in chess.

54. The weight of the ball for playing table tennis - 2, 5 grams.

55. The fastest goal in the NHL was scored on the third second of the game.

56. Only two countries in the world have participated in all the Olympic Games.

57. In order to solve the puzzle "Rubik's Cube" takes an average of 48 to 100 turns.

58. The number of possible combinations of the first four moves in chess anyway 318,979,564 000.

59. Brazil - the only country to participate in all of the World Cup.

60. Americans spend annually about 630 million dollars on golf balls.


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