Tips experienced veterans

- NEVER point the weapon at her. Even in the "joke", even put to fuse, even with it flipped store. For this trick you "will be punished».
- In AK translator (fuse) has three positions. Actually, lock, automatic fire and single. If you are in a panic dramatically take off the safety, then surely lower it all the way and put there the most, to single-fire. This is done, whatever crap horror fighter, not squandered a second shop and left without ammunition. Remember this.
- Fuse AK clanks quite disgusting. If you need to take it quietly, then gently pull it and move to the desired mode of fire (this is almost always single fire).
- Before going to jump on the spot. Make sure that you do not clanks and strumming. Sling weapons better to rewind the tape or bandage. The cartridge in the chamber and the safety.
- Do not be asshole. Examine the table on fire their weapons. The bullet flies NOT DIRECTLY. She has a ballistic trajectory with over- and. Therefore competent determination of the distance to the target and the knowledge table of fire - this is a good opportunity to enter quickly and thus reduce the time while shooting at you.
- Wind affects the trajectory of a bullet. Examine the effect of wind on your weapons in advance, and not a campaign, and to the eye.
- If you had the opportunity to choose a weapon - take the same (same size) as well as most of your comrades. In a lot of ammunition can not carry, but they are quickly running out, especially in the city, so if you can share - this is a big plus. If your friend was murdered, did not disdain to make up their ammunition (prior permission from the commander).
- If you go to "avtonomku" you take yourself 360 bullets (it 12 stores) and as much again, but packs just throw in a backpack. Strongly save weight.
- Remember that the shops located in the chest and abdomen - an additional armor protection.
- Most of the deaths and injuries - are fragments. Normal chmoshny jacket is quite able to protect you from small fragments. Hung over and still unload the shops - you can consider ourselves relatively protected shits. Do not forget to raise the gate.
- Body armor - is very good. Any. Even the beushnye.
- If you are hit by a bullet in the Armor - it does not mean that he saved you. Since the energy of the bullets stopped armor elements, can cause you a terrible injury zabronevuyu. The ribs are almost always breaks. A possible gap and bodies. So if you do not have a hole - that's not a reason to rejoice. It happens that a hole would be "preferable».
- Do not touch the grenade. Shoot of them difficult. Leave it to the more experienced comrades.
- After a few days in the open air, the smoker can detect of 70-100 meters. Quit smoking.
- If you heard something - stop a group and "giving the silence." Listen carefully. Even if you'll slow down a group every five minutes, only occasional asshole will swear at you.
- Have you ever stopped and not continued to stand. We need to stand up or lie down on one knee. It is very exhausting, but it's a question of survival of the whole group. If something is too lazy to sit down - do this Meerkats sticking.
- Finger on the trigger should not be, even if the weapon is on guard.
- On the march, put the machine on your hands and add them to cross the chest. It is easier to carry. This right thumb is always ready to remove the fuse and throw up his arms fast enough.
- Belt (automaton) is always on the neck. Otherwise, if you get in an ambush, mines and will undermine you fly in one direction, and your weapon to another, and you made of light turn into 300 200.
- On a post not sleep. If you fall asleep, you want to shoot not only the enemies. In the Second World War for this, as well as for the loss of weapons, shot officially. Who shot informally.
- Piss can kneeling, standing without turning into a growth target.
- Go to the toilet ONLY rootstock. One shit - the second covers. If no one wants you to go in - bear.
- Sneezing in itself.
- Who runs slowly - quickly dies.
- The effectiveness of grenades overstated. There were times when a grenade exploded in a small room, and inside were only mild concussion.
- Ceku teeth can not pull out. Only the fingers.
- If you spend a sweep (last hours of your life), it's like a joke: I envy the room together, first grenade, then you.
- Standing in front of the door and waiting for your friends who are going to storm, hold the door so it would not open. Otherwise, in the hallway or see a grenade or trunk.
- Grenade rolling on the floor. Do not throw.
- Sunset grenade explosion, rolled one more, but uncocked. Let climb again to hide.
- Do not run to the trunk friend. You override a chance to shoot him.
- Any closed door NEPRIKOSNOVENNNA, since it can be mined.
- Boxes do not open, do not include electronics. Do not touch anything. Everything can be mined. It is important. To the extent that you can not open the refrigerator, even if you really want to eat, and to raise the toilet seat.
- The walls are hung with rags breaks or carpets. So the enemy can quickly run across in front of the front. Remember this. The fact that you are in at the apartment, does not mean that from next to you can not enter through the wall.
- In the window, you can hang up the grid of the old Soviet beds. They are well-stop VOGi.
- You can hear the meowing, for example because of the closet door. I'm sorry, but the animal is doomed. Most likely it there locked up with a grenade. Open impossible. This is a very difficult moment, always, in such difficult situations I want to be a man, but ...
- If you need to shoot from indoors to outdoors, you do not have to crawl to the window sill or stand on the side of the window. Get out of deep space, the stool will fall, closing the wall or the like And do not turn on the lights, you can not, not illuminated itself (I am not talking about the slave).
- Pieces of brick or concrete, broken fire properties have to fly at you. After contact with the eyes ... well, you understand.
- From a grenade launcher to fire on the people is useless. Although now, like, we started making high-explosive fragmentation shells, but, IMHO, is heresy.
- Long shoot without changing position - a bad idea.
- Bends.
- No need to "calculate the snipers." Not your job, and you do not have enough knowledge. Fight on, "not paying attention".
- Be prepared mentally, "work" civilians who have lit up. Including women and children. If the prospect is not happy, then proceed with caution.
- In AK-74 (a copy with a good accuracy of hits), you can tie sight PSO of AGI. At a distance of 500-600 meters from the AK-74 and SVD very closely involve the trajectory, the sight will rise perfectly. Rouse shoot and carry the fire, because of the caliber, much faster than the SVD. And the assholes who decide to look for a sniper, you'll uninteresting.
- Due to fire the grenade launcher in the room is impossible. It has a charging time. He needed to fly 15-25 meters before vzvedetsya pomegranate. Accordingly, in the room, it just does not work.
- Modern and RGO grenade RGN FIRST explode on impact. They have an impact fuse is. and burst through a gap - it works self-killer (just in case a grenade fell into the loose snow)
- Nobody, not even the engineers are not involved in the removal of mines and slaves. They stupidly undermine their TNT blocks. No need to be smart and start shooting VU.
- Stretching the normal soldiers, put the secrets that were not removed in a simple way. So "cut the thread" - a bad idea. Just walk past. This is not your hemorrhagic, for this is the older comrades.
Learn to do slave and will not stretch. I think you understand that this is just an article. Teach the first medical aid.
- When wounds are venous and arterial bleeding. "Treat" them in different ways. But here the important thing. In the heat of battle no. With venous bleeding comrade would die a few hours, and with the blood literally 10-20 seconds, and then loss of consciousness and begins hypoxia. So, that would not be soared quickly impose arterial guzzle over the wound (now the interns will be indignant, but that's life, is not a citizen, it is necessary to break), and return to the fight. Your friend will be half an hour for something that would sort out the most, well, or do you, when released.
- Wiring is always at hand! Neither bag or backpack, or wrapped around the butt, or unloading at hand.
- With an always TWO harness! One can give a wounded comrade and a minute later a bullet in the femoral artery.
- There is such a thing as "the suppression of fire." Actively watering enemy often can forge its action, even without falling and causing no damage manpower. Especially you help tracer.
- Remember the tracer, in addition to being very zaserat trunk, they also give your position. So do not abuse it. Yes, and aimed fire them difficult to maintain.
- Weapons must be cleaned every day. Especially in the area of ​​soft muzzle brake. If there is a groove or a pit, the accuracy of hits to fall to hell.
- The last three bullets in the store, it is better to score tracers. To empty the store did not become a surprise for you. Moreover, if you leave a cartridge in the barrel, then you will only spur a new store, that is, increase the rate of recharge.
- Watch out for your feet, do not be lazy to wash them. Natret - and you're not a warrior.
- If you see that someone can shoot, that's not a reason to shoot. If you have not noticed, ask your commander if you can get into the fight.
- If you notice someone, but you do not see, do not jump sharply to one side. Peripheral vision will give you instantly. Gently and slowly, slowly, quietly sit down and take a position. It will be much less noticeable.
- Remember dosylaya cartridge chamber need to let go of the shutter abruptly snapped to. Otherwise zazhuet * *

Useful tips combat veterans:

1. In the forests of the North Caucasus grow tree - beech (also called ironwood or Chechen-tree). Its branch in diameter of 12-15 cm is not even a machine-gun bullet hit 7.62. Nokhchi tied three woodpile from the tree, and if necessary thrust in front of him, using as a shelter from the fire, and as the focus for weapons.

2. To cool water in the heat, you need to wrap up "poltorashku" in wet tissue (best of wool), and putting it in the sun, turning occasionally and moisten.

3. To blikovala optics are not just a little bloat its tires, and that there was no bruising on the shoulder, on the butt cheeks and instead wrap a package of individual dressing (IPP)

4. From the fungus: TNT grind, mix with any cream and rub in the foot.

5. During a strong thirst you can put in your mouth and suck a small stone like candy - helps in the transition. But without fanaticism - the stone should be smooth, flat, with about 10 tikopeechnuyu coin.

6. Komarov at altitudes some reason did not see, and fled from the midges like this: take the dirt soaked or dust smeared face, neck, hands and exposed parts of the body. The mud dries crust is formed. And the person in the dark is not so shines, and midge bites through the crust does not. If you fall off, briefly recover.

7. At night, on a plateau in the pouring rain to do so: though outposts, but dark. Night Vision Goggles (NVG) turned out to be one, rain noise may creep up. On the old database found 5 tikilogramovuyu jar fat, no one will definitely not eat - a rare muck. Bank opened, torn edge of the cloth is "wick"; "Candle" put away an overnight stay away from, but within sight. Rain blurs the outlines of a spark, but it is visible from afar. Calculated Lohan, but the first blow in the event of an attack is in the direction of "candles." Checked. And banks have enough for the night ...

8. When you shoot at night flares, aim should be not very flash of the shot and slightly to the right. Tochnyak head off, if not left-handed shooter.

9. Fatigue and energy took "lemongrass Far East," the truth has helped, but then overtaken by a terrible disease - spermotoksikoz - Viagra is not standing next to.

10. At night, lying in wait, not to sleep lying on the belly - underlay helmet under his chest. As soon as you start to nod off, a lot of pressure on the chest makes awake. You can still stop uncomfortable to bend or elbow, but do not forget me.

11. No smoking on outputs, not warm suhpay dry fuel - the smell of very far.

12. In southern Lebanon guys, leaving a three-day hike in ambushes, especially gorge gelatin candies. Devoured a pound at a time - a three-day lock you provided!

13. When winding weapons masking tape it better oiled. Otherwise, after a couple of days under the rust winding provided.

14. To hear the timely movement of the enemy at night in the summer forest, mangled finely thin branches of dead wood and place them along the trail. They will pop treacherous underfoot quiet-moving person.

15. At night, when working with a night vision device after watching through the eyepieces close your eyes and turn off the device. 5-7 seconds later, you can open your eyes. Otherwise, the whites of his eyes shone a few seconds bright green light.

16. If you have to lay mines or stretching, start with the most distant, facing the enemy and retreat, and not vice versa. Otherwise, you run the risk of their feet as they shoot.

17. Try not to wear a faded canvas items (unloading, slides), they are very well seen in the night sight, even with star light. It may cost you your life.

18. If you have to throw a grenade at night in a forest, try to identify the sectors in which the trees do not grow close. At night, they are not visible, and when the grenade hits the tree: "Tuk," and it is fun to fly back.




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