Absolute awareness

In Japan, the soldiers are raising alertness, awareness. This is the basis of learning, everything else - is secondary. Swordsmanship, archery - only way to develop vigilance.

About the great masters of the Rinzai say that he does not always succeed in archery. His arrows often flew wide of the goal. And he was known as one of the greatest archers. When asked, "Why is he considered a great archer?" - His disciples answered:

- This is not the ultimate goal, it is the beginning. We have no relationship to the boom, reaching goals, we have related to the boom begins its journey.

Among the disciples of Rinzai was a famous archer. Every day he learned to shoot a bow, and all his arrows fell right on target. Rinzai said to him:

- No, it's a failure. Technically correct arrow flies, but you're not all here. You are vigilant in their sleep.

Rinzai once told that came to them by an unknown master, who demonstrates the greatest art of archery. Rinzai went to see. And indeed, the man hit his skill.

When he took aim and pulled the string on his elbow put a cup of water, and he began to shoot. When the first arrow hit the target, the second was already in the string, and it was immediately followed by a third. He thus did not even budge.

Master looked at it and said:

- Technique of your shooting is good, but it's just a technique. You look like a statue just outside. Let's go now to a high mountain, stand on a rock projecting over a precipice, and then you will shoot.

They climbed the mountain. Standing on a rock projecting over the precipice of a thousand feet deep, Teacher stepped back, while one-third of his feet are not hanging over the abyss. Then he offered to stand next to the archer and shoot. He came, looked down, his legs trembled, his face pale.

Master, still standing on the precipice, said:

- The perfect man rises above the blue sky dives into the yellow power or wanders in all eight within the world, and in his heart there is no sign of change. But you have been deceived by signs of trembling, your eyes stunned. And you're hoping to hit the target?


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