Taoist parable

Chuang Tzu dressed in patched linen robe, shod in sandals, tied up with ropes, passed by the ruler of the kingdom of Wei.
- How bad you live, dear! - Exclaimed the king.
- I live in poverty, but not bad, - said Chuang Tzu. - Have a Way and his power and not to implement them - that's what it means to live badly. Dressed in patched robe and wearing sandals worn - it means to live in poverty, but not bad. This is called "born in an evil hour." Have not you see, Your Majesty, as is climbing a big monkey? It can easily fit on a cedar or camphor, quickly jumping from branch to branch so that the archer does not have time and aim at it. Once in the same small thickets and thorns, she steps sideways, awkwardly and looks around, and kept stumbling and losing balance. And the point is not that it has to put more effort or her muscles weakened. She just got in the wrong for her situation and is not able to show what it can do. And people: should he be in a bad sovereign society and officials, rogues, even if he wants to live in a kind way, whether it can achieve the desired?


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