I do so every morning! Taoist practice, by means of which it is possible to cure kidney and lose weight.

Everyone knows how useful regular walking, but walking about on his knees, few have heard. Unfortunately, this extremely valuable Taoist practice is not as widespread in our ...

Walk on the knees is recommended for all, this exercise without contraindications! Even those who hurt the knee joints can try to imagine an effective Chinese equipment. It turns out, my knees hurt very often due to the muscle atrophy back, legs and spine, in other words, pain occurs in humans, leading a sedentary lifestyle!

Walking on knees Taoist walking on knees helps to cope with diseases of the kidneys and liver. The fact that the knee pads are points that are useful to stimulate failures in the internal organs. Chinese medicine recognizes this exercise is a panacea for all ills!

Indeed, such a way of walking in front of other physical activities has several advantages. This jewel among the chaff! This training should be given only 15-20 minutes a day, just so the result will be noticeable. Impressive availability!

Perform the exercise on the floor by placing a blanket under your knees soft. Walk slowly, relying solely on the kneecaps! If you feel pain in the knee joint under such a load, and it is quite possible at first, try to go on his knees on the bed. When your leg muscles get stronger enough, the pain will pass!

In carrying out this exercise on a daily basis, it is possible to achieve very fast leg slimming! Surprisingly, this practice will help even improve vision in the area of ​​the knee tendons are points which are responsible for the trouble-liver, kidney and eye

. We recommend to go on his knees with his eyes closed - the effect will be even more powerful! You can also perform complex "Golden Rooster" strengthens all body systems.

Check for yourself is an ancient Chinese exercise, you will feel an improvement in their condition very soon! We wish you long life and good health.


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