You have to know! The kidneys suddenly never refuse

What is the role of the kidneys in the body as they are vital for us, what to do if they suddenly got sick? These questions should ask yourself every person, and especially every parent with a small child, and the answers should be known to everyone. Let's try to understand this in order to avoid tragedies in the childhood, youth, Yes, in any age, when kidneys suddenly failed.

The whole point of these questions is that the kidneys suddenly never refuse. The process that led to such an unpleasant ending, lasts for many years, but occurs subtly, secretly. And because it turns out that the kidneys — an insidious on, they need to be very careful.

Kidney is a paired organ allocation end-products of tissue metabolism: water, nitrogenous compounds and certain salts is a waste products of the global chemical process occurring in our tissues called metabolism.

In the kidneys there is a rich network of blood vessels, twisted into the form of the glomeruli — the glomeruli that filter the blood serum, highlighting all of it is unnecessary to form a so-called primary urine. But this primary urine is diluted, in day it is allocated about 120-150 L.

And because in the kidneys there is another tubular device, a huge maze of tubules where the filtered primary urine. The walls of the tubules are lined with epithelium, the ability to concentrate the primary urine to its normal specific gravity (1,012–1,018) and quantity (1.5–2 liters per day).

For this to happen, in the tubules is reabsorption of fluid against the density gradient, due to the great enzymatic work that occurs in the epithelium of the walls of the tubular apparatus. While any enzymatic work is the synthetic processes connected with energy absorption.

When it begins to fail the whole of this complex system? Numerous histories and protocols anatomical autopsies say the following. Already the first attack of angina in a child's life or the first of the inflammatory process in the Airways (colds, flu, etc.) are entered a certain number of microbes in the glomerular apparatus of the kidneys, i.e. in the arterial vasculature. Along with microbes to get the dead epithelial cells of the mucosa of the respiratory tract, resulting in inflammation process.

Quite a few of these sessions, the contamination of renal vessels (recurrent sore throats, flu, acute respiratory infections, scarlet fever), and glomeruli become inflamed. The inflammation is often acute: damaged wall of blood capillaries, blood gets into the urine, and it acquires a red color.

At the same time the child has a fever, there is pain in the lower back is acute glomerulonephritis.

Currently accepted in medicine, the treatment of acute glomerulonephritis antibiotics, sulfonamides, corticosteroids — to end, to suppress the process of inflammation of the tissues of the glomeruli.

This goal is achieved: the inflammatory process in the kidneys is suppressed, but not eliminated. Dead bodies in renal cells and microbes, resulting in the process of inflammation, not withdrawn from the kidneys completely. Lingering in the walls of the renal vessels or getting flow of urine in the tubules or the renal pelvis, where the tubules open, they cause a new inflammatory process.

Now (immediately or after some time: several months, several years) sick tubules, and there is nephrosonephritis or pyelonephritis. Very often, glomerulonephritis (inflammation of the glomeruli) becomes a chronic process.

Violated the permeability of the walls of the arterial capillaries, and they start to pass from the serum of dissolved large molecules of whey proteins — albumins. The patient loses protein — building material of body tissues, it is a dangerous symptom that threatens serious disorders of the immune system and needs treatment.

Modern medicine offers antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs and hormones, that is, the treatment remains the same as in acute inflammatory process. The result is a proliferation of connective tissue in inflammation, the formation of so-called secondary-wrinkled, that is sklerozirovanie kidneys.

Need to know what the growth of connective tissue occurs during the chronic inflammatory process in any organ: the liver is cirrhosis, lung sclerosis and emphysema, myocardial — infarction, in the blood vessels of the brain — sclerosis, brain stroke, in the brain tissue epilepsy.

So, sclerosis of renal vessels (as a result of inflammation) in the initial stage causes hypertension. Hence "a youth", a malignant, untreatable hypertension.

Really hypertension at any age, it is called essential or symptomatic (i.e., of unknown cause),has a single cause — inflammation of the vascular apparatus of the kidneys, anemia of renal tissue, the allocation of such damaged kidneys into the bloodstream of the hormone renin. And it causes spasm of the capillaries of the whole body, including the brain vessels, heart and kidneys.

Spasm of blood vessels leads to increased blood pressure and damage the vascular walls (inflammation defects of the inner lining of blood vessels) to various organs (heart, brain, lungs, liver) from the blood serum to the damaged areas and get deposited cholesterol, calcium salts, the products of nitrogen (i.e. protein) metabolism is uric acid crystals.

All this "ugh", putting off walls of large and small arteries, causing sclerosis and ulceration of the walls, and then a thrombosis (blockage) of the lumen of blood vessels.As a consequence, there myocardial infarction, cerebral stroke, etc.

Such processes can occur in any organ (including kidney) due to bleeding tissue, which is trombirovanny vessel. The truth becomes clear: when the disease of one organ in the body (i.e. organs) ill and others, located it near or far, it doesn't matter, because all bodies are washed by the same blood, lymph and tissue fluid.

However, "soon the story told, but not soon deal done", especially in the human body, with a great number of protective mechanisms at every level of its existence — the biochemical, physiological, physical, neurological, hormonal, psychological.

But the water wears away the stone, and from the first sore throat or bronchitis in 1-1,5 years to hypertension, heart attack, stroke is 20, 40, 60 years, so how would a lost and forgotten cause of these diseases, which are beginning to treat it again systematically vasodilator and anti-coagulant drugs.

Thus, the people for decades continue to ignore the laws of nature, abuse my body with drugs, destroying the internal organs created by the divine wisdom.

What is going on by the kidneys, if the pathological process takes place in them more rapidly? Inflamed glomeruli fail, the same thing happens with inflammation of the tubules. They cease to function, there comes the so-called kidney failure.

The glomeruli are not able to filter the blood serum is extremely poisonous low molecular weight nitrogenous compounds (urea, uric acid, creatine, creatinine, etc.), their concentration in the blood serum (the so-called residual nitrogen) is increased, there comes azotemia or uremia — poisoning of the entire body's own wastes of protein metabolism.

Now, to save the patient's life medicine resort to filtering blood through an artificial kidney or a kidney transplant. The success of these methods will be discussed in the next article.

From the foregoing the conclusion: better to prevent kidney disease than to treat it, but if it does come, treat at the beginning and perhaps an early age.

How do you know that the kidneys are sick unless there is clear, catastrophic symptoms red urine, high temperature, lower back pain, even no protein in the urine?

You need to know that any sore throat, bronchitis, pneumonia, influenza, acute respiratory infections, sinusitis, especially asthma, kidney ill. But being very patient and silent body, the kidneys do not give to know about its poor condition, and continue to do their job of cleaning blood serum, to prevent us from poisoning their own nitrogen.

They refused immediately and so quietly. It may come in 15 years, and 45 and 60, but to save the kidneys and cure them completely most likely in childhood and adolescence, when not yet completed growth organizma there is every possibility of creating new tissue glomeruli and tubules — is damaged.

But in order for that to happen, does not do medications, because it suppresses the immune system, regenerative ability of the tissues of the body and leads to the already described processes.

Now, the official medicine has created this version: let the children with diseased kidneys are treated with medicines and hormones (because without hormones you cannot stop the pathological process), and "it all goes" and the child "outgrow" the disease.

But, unfortunately, this is not happening, and the following occurs: puberty begin to function fully, a new endocrine glands — the ovaries and testes. They secrete into the blood a large number have been reported previously sex hormones.

In the metabolism of the body includes a new, powerful components, improves trophic tissues and thereby compensate for the disease but not cure it, as the reason is the presence of purulent foci in the body is not removed.

These dormant foci of infection to life after 25-30 years (or sooner), the end of tissue growth and comes some "tissue depression" as a result of accumulation of stress of various origins: food, environmental, psychological, etc.

Here comes the moment when the kidneys "suddenly refused", and then the work begins for surgeons, that is, the connection of the artificial kidney or a kidney transplant followed by administration of drugs that suppress the immune system to the transplanted kidney was not rejected.

Another option: the patient with chronic pyelonephritis heals a neurologist from the... sciatica — occurs more often and lasts quite a long time (years) until the same ending — the kidneys have failed.

So people — sick and healthy — you must know that any pain over the spine, strain, neuralgia spinal nerves — chronic diseases of internal organs: bronchi, lung, stomach, pancreas, kidney.

Clean these bodies, update the fabric and methods of natural therapy, and spine straightened himself, will be pain, dislocated discs will fall into place. Themselves? Yes, themselves, because it will stop long spinal muscle spasm causing all this disease. The cause spasm become pathological nerve impulses coming from diseased organs in the corresponding segments of the spine.

How to avoid a disappointing picture of the conversion of one disease into another and the endless treatment?

Every person and especially the parent (this is where we started) you need to know about the major vulnerability of the kidney tissue and all the consequences that flow from it.

Therefore, for any illness of the child or adult must begin immediately cleansing tissues (blood, lymph, interstitial fluid, cells) of the body. That is the total cleansing clears the kidneys — very successfully and with fast result.

What is total cleanse and how is it done? This is, firstly, drink large amounts of fluid to enhance the lymph circulation and excretion of cellular toxins the lymph flow in the papillae of the mucosa of the large intestine, where they are thrown out with the contents of the colon.

But this requires regular washing of the intestine within 1-3 weeks daily saline infusions, the urine.

You need to drink a day for about three liters of fluid, detoxifying and nourishing the body's cells, not just water. This herbal decoction with honey and citrus juices.

Herbs are selected on the basis of purification of all body systems: respiratory, digestive, excretory. The bone-muscular, nervous and circulatory systems depends on the condition of the first three.

This may include the following herbs: mint, marjoram, Melissa, yarrow, chamomile, plantain, UVA URSI, sage, nettle, motherwort and others.

Food solid food is necessary for this term to exclude, to stop the process of digestion, and secretion of digestive enzymes. It is necessary to intensify the work of proteolytic tissue enzymes that break down and deducing from cells of pathological inclusions and the patients themselves, the intoxicated cells. In this global fabric cleansing the therapeutic effect occurs within 10-15 days and the final recovery depending on the age and duration of the disease is 6-12 months.

During this time it is necessary every 3 months to conduct a 10-15-day cleansing treatment (herbal teas, juices, intestinal lavage).

In the intervals it is necessary to observe the regime of biologically complete, that is, raw plant food, with the inclusion of large amounts of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, sprouted grains, vegetable oil and butter, cream, raw egg yolks and, of course, a variety of freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices.

Acceptable and very useful almost all the juice: apples, carrots, beets, pumpkin, cabbage, celery, parsley, artichoke, melon, cherry, plum, grapes, but especially healing watermelon juice, and not only in the treatment of kidney, but also in the treatment of bronchitis and bronchial asthma, which is exactly the same method.

It is especially necessary to mention one fatal mistake in the treatment of acute and chronic glomerulonephritis, when the patient loses urine protein (normal protein in the urine does not contain).

In order to remedy these protein loss, patients begin to feed heavily in animal protein — meat, cottage cheese. This disease worsens as foreign animal protein, being the strongest antigen, causing the formation of antibodies to food proteins (40% of these proteins absorbed in the small intestine in the form of molecules that retains its antigenic power).

The next stage in excess of immunogenesis becomes the formation of antibodies to its own tissue proteins in the body. Arise and evolve snowball effect autoimmune processes that destroy the body and primarily the kidneys. They treat, i.e. inhibit, hormones and non-hormonal immunosuppressants. This process is doomed to complete failure.



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The absence of protein supplementation in chronic and acute kidney disease is the first condition vyzdorovlenieI, as the walls of the renal vessels and tubules are not destroyed by aggressive antibodies ready to destroy everything in its path, including the body's own tissues. Carbohydrates natural fruit and vegetable juices, on the contrary, provide building material for the reconstruction of destroyed tissues of the kidneys. published



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