9 shocking facts about personal hygiene of the Europeans in the eighteenth century

Eighteenth century Europe — the age of reason and enlightenment age philosophers and the bourgeois revolutions. But if to distract from lofty matters on the everyday life of ordinary citizens, understand that the sublime was in it a bit. In our review of the 9 facts of life in the enlightened Europe of the eighteenth century that modern man can come as a shock.1. Personal hygieneSeventy three million nine hundred twenty two thousand five hundred five

Bathroom of Louis XVI. Cover bath was used for heat preservation, and at the same time table for classes and food. France 1770

In the eighteenth century in Europe, not all could afford their own private bathroom and hot water. Many people believed that soaking your body in water, especially in hot, will cause the organism to penetrate the infection and disease. The tubs were only in the homes of the very wealthy. But they took a bath in clothes. This habit continued until the end of the XIX century.

2. DeodorantNinety seven million one hundred seventy thousand one hundred thirty

The first underarm deodorant


Cosmetic that modern people would call a deodorant, in modern Europe appeared only in 1880-ies. Rich people to get rid of the smell of sweat profusely wear perfume, but this method didn't always work. It is known that in the ninth century a certain Ziryab tried to introduce underarm deodorant in Moorish Iberia (parts of Spain, France, Portugal and Gibraltar), but his idea did not find support.

3. DepilationNinety seven million eight hundred forty nine thousand seventy three

Ladies ' table in the boudoir in an old French castle. Burgundy, France

European women in the eighteenth century did not pay any attention to hair on the body up to 1920-ies. Probably no one is annoyed.

4. ToiletsNine million three hundred sixty seven thousand one hundred seventeen

Vintage duck 18th century with the inscription "I see you, you little rascal"

Often the houses stood strong smell of sewage. The fact that Sewerage and water supply in European cities in the eighteenth century was not, and most people defecate in the room and the contents of the pot were thrown out the window. And even when life was toilets in the open air, in Victorian times, the pots were still used at night.

5. Toilet paperFifty nine million three hundred eleven thousand six hundred forty three

Public toilet for ladies. Drawing of 1788 from the collection of the British library

Toilet paper appeared only in the end of 1800-ies, but until then people used the materials at hand. The rich could afford to wipe with strips of fabric. The poor used old rags, moss, leaves.

6. BugsSeventy million two hundred fifty three thousand one hundred twenty eight

Bugs — attack of the Victorian era


Bugs in the eighteenth century was a real scourge. Likely, this contributed to the stale linen. However, in the Victorian era women were advised not to follow the purity of his bed, and wipe the bottom of the bed with kerosene to kill all insects.

7. Dirty streetThirty two million six hundred twenty four thousand eight hundred fifty eight

old England


Streets in major cities "smelled" a mixture of manure, human feces and rotting under these substances the herbs. Since that time, the tradition came that the gentleman should go closer to the edge of the road. This was necessary in order to protect his lady from the splashing of passing carriages.

8. Oral hygieneEighteen million nine hundred seventy six thousand five hundred one

The dentist pulls out a tooth in a patient


Poor people used a toothpick and wipe the gums with a cloth. For the rich Italian компаниz Marvis started to do the toothpaste back in the beginning of 1700-ies.


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9. Mercury as a means of hygieneEighty eight million four hundred thirty seven thousand seven hundred thirty six

Mercury as a means of hygiene


Another attack of the XVIII century – lice. Get rid of them at that time very extravagant by today's standards, way. As a means of salvation from the lice used mercury. This liquid metal ate and rubbed into the skin. True, some died faster than fleas. published 


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