Personal energy in relationships

The level of personal energy of the person determines the quality of a partner walking with him through life.

A long, happy relationship, long-term marriages and unions can only be between people of the same level of personal energy.

Never, under any circumstances, may not really be a happy Union of two people with radically different levels of personal energy.

A cult film with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in "Pretty woman" is a very beautiful tale that has nothing to do with reality.

Just because the man is a businessman and the girl of easy behaviour have different levels of personal energy, which is manifested in the real world through a place in the social hierarchy. One businessman with money, connections and influence, the other — almost at the bottom, on the side of life, sell their body to anyone.

Their levels of personal energy are opposite sides of the zero conditional, as well as the level of hard-working man and drunk under the fence, as the level of mothers and mothers – cuckoos, as an Olympian and a novice athlete, as a successful businessman, and a male gigolo.

And if "Pretty woman" and attracted such a man sex, to stay interesting to yourself and him in this relationship together to grow and develop the already unbearable for her task. And not because it is "bad", but because it has much lower level of personal energy, time did not allow her to "get by". After all, "Richard Gere" is the pressure, power, intelligence, ability to make decisions, high efficiency, continuous development, "Julia Roberts" — irresponsibility, lack of faith in themselves, a hidden masochism, picky, promiscuous.

And it happens Vice versa. The handsome male next to the "hag". And the puzzled questions of others: "What did he see in her?". And found it equal to or greater than his level of personal energy. That's the whole secret.

I already wrote that the main task of human life is to evolve and continue the race. And we are all born with a certain level of personal energy, which throughout life is around a natural level. And endowed with the potential that you need to properly dispose of during life.

To evolve we can only help other people and situations, always choosing partners a person with more than we have the capacity and the level of personal energy.

So the woman really don't pay attention to a man lower than her level of personal energy and capacity; high will keep "spare" getting energy from the attention of such men.

"Spare" a man shows signs of attention, and even openly says that he would like to do with a woman, and that he is completely uninteresting. It can take flowers and gifts, a nice chat, but then this communication relationship develop not meant to be. Just because the potential of the men far below her own. And she knows it. High, with proper pressure the man will be able to receive from women sex, and if you're lucky. Just a woman so decides to ensure that her thoughts, feelings and emotions concerning this man were true.

And if women around it will spin a lot of these "spare", it means that a woman can hold the interest of several men at the same time, it means it has a high potential, making it attractive in the eyes of other, more powerful men.

So the man would not long to be the woman that pulls him down, not allowing him to develop and show their potential. And Vice versa, will be around the person that pulls it up and allows you to evolve, that is, to grow and develop.

When Dating, we often subconsciously correctly estimate the potential of each other, and if it's above or at our level, we try to stay around this man longer, but if below, then the person quickly becomes uninteresting and to continue the acquaintance is not very desirable.


Sometimes a person has reduced due to various reasons, the level of personal energy (illness, stress, fatigue), but the potential keeps its level, and it's just as easy to read on a subconscious level.

Therefore, if the acquaintance turns into a relationship, or the relationship is quickly destroyed, this means that one of the two quickly realized that with this man he will not be able to grow and develop.

Or just not know or understand their true needs. Because misjudged their potential and level of personal energy. And trying to threaten to "Richard Gere", being at the level of "Julia Roberts".

This often manifests itself in the requirements of men and women to each other.

Here in this here:

"The perfect wife should be the mistress in the kitchen, lady in the living room and a whore in bed."

But this is totally different levels of personal energy and capacity, which is not compatible in a normal woman. A man wants see in the woman mistress, mistress, lady, and the weak, vulnerable creature — a girl.

What men want:

Soft, dependent woman, who knows how to make decisions, and not to call fifty times a day, because she "broke a nail". When the softness of femininity, childish, maudlin, which shifts the problem to "dad", irresponsible, but the ability to make a decision, to be collected in any situation, hope to your mind and intelligence is a quality Lady and Mistress;

Able to cook soup and to be passionate in bed.

The soup cooks, the Hostess, down-to-earth energy, she stands firmly on his feet, knows where, what and how much. When I can caress, when it is necessary will punish. The hostess is thorough and measured, determined and hardworking, her level of personal energy is enough for house, life, man and children. But only just. The rest of it is boring, sometimes stubborn, with a complete lack of sensory impulses.

Passion in bed is the hypostasis of a Mistress (whore). It is the energy of action, the rush, the thrill of life and its manifestations is a delight and inspiration. Mistress active, talkative, persistent and optimistic. The level of personal energy is enough to attract a man and keep for a while, but no more. A man gets tired of frivolity, impatience, instability, inconsistency;

Want interesting the mystery woman next to you, and to talk about what it was and the brain could not stand for any occasion. A woman of mystery is unpredictable, independent and free woman, with a fairly high level of personal energy with common sense and often unprincipled, coldness, stubbornness. Lady. But the Lady is not the Hostess, the breakfasts-dinners of five dishes to cook will not, as well as to give rough sex in bed. A woman is not peculiar to the energy of impulses and passions, and the earthiness of everyday life gives her boredom.

Or women can't determine the qualities of men they want in life, to feel comfortable.

A woman wants a man were:

Hard, "I said, so be it", himself had been responsible — is the level of personal energy and the quality of a Leader;

Physically strong, high – early Leaders of the pack were physically strong, tall, with a large muscle mass is the quality of a Leader. Although small individuals are often viable;

Brave – as srednecenovogo men. Because courage is the ability to take difficult dangerous thing in the moment, a tendency to impulsiveness. Not deliberate actions. In a war usually the brave was killed, and the Leaders took care of life and was careful;

Confident – a quality Leader. After all, who knows the price, he had no doubt, and the woman, respectively, no doubt. And who doubts is substituted for the manipulation: "But his wife a new coat, and I go from...";

Defender, sometimes aggressive, but not towards the woman. Aggression is not a Leader, and those who do not obey or try to take the female, not recognizing his unconditional influence. Protects The Leader. Aggression – emotion, not a cool head – not a Leader, srednevekovyi;

Persistent, but to a certain point, and without the use of force. The leader does not consider the desires of women and gets what he wants always. If a man knows the woman and doesn't want to go against her wishes – srednevekovyi;

Had a sense of humor, not boring. The sense of humor inherent in the Leader, and srednedushevomu. Not an indicator, but the more you are concerned with the problem of survival, the less you want to laugh. Not boring – then they reflect on the "why?" in the relationship – the Leader. Talk about relationship tend srednedushevomu;

Getter. Not A Leader. The leader makes the work of others;

Did "feminine" chores around the house. Well prepared, bringing full bags from the stores. Not the Leader, srednevekovyi supplier. The leader has no time to go shopping;

Was charismatic – Leader;

Understand your woman – meaning, understanding her desires and fulfilling them immediately. This quality srednecenovogo, more like not henpecked;

Generous. This quality srednecenovogo, as the Leader have to be able to distribute benefits among members of the flock and not to raspugivali them right and left;

Was emotionally invulnerable and at the same time remember all the memorable women for dates, birthdays, anniversaries. Emotionally invulnerable – Leader, remembers the date – the usual srednevekovyi;

Asked the woman how her day was. About his work spoke. Clearly not a Leader;

A little jealous of her other men. The leader removes the source of danger or a woman or another man. Jealous — not confident srednevekovye men who have problems with self esteem;

It turns out that women want the best quality from srednemirovogo getter and a Leader, combined in one man. And it is completely different levels of personal energy and potential.

Here the Leader is the same "Richard Gere", with all its inherent qualities, and no doubt he can attract women with a low level of personal energy. They are drawn to him, to evolve, to develop their potential qualities.

Their interest is clear. In further respects, they will be able to attract even more powerful partner.

But high-ranking people have no interest to such people, at least in the long term. They may receive only the energy of attention, which does not allow them to evolve and develop its quality. Therefore, the relationship is usually quickly eroded.

Why, even if after a breakup people are again return to each other, it often ends in Heartbreak again?

Yes, because if one of the partners left, he "pumped" the necessary quality in the relationship, continue to evolve him nowhere. But the other gets the chance as well to "pump" the necessary quality, so the game overall is equal. What's that other partner. And just true in the following respects they swapped to keep the balance.

This is a normal desire – to dream about supermuzhchina or superwoman, but it is not necessary to forget that "Richard Gere" is an attractive woman his own level, but not "Julia Roberts".published

Thought Olga Rybakina

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