The most amazing hanging houses from all over the world

You Wake up, come to the window and be on the edge of the cliff. Of course, views of the boundless sea, majestic mountains and emerald forests capture and not let go, but to live in the roof of the house, the nerves need iron. We have collected buildings from all over the world literally on the brink.

House in Cuenca, Spain

Three hanging houses with wooden balconies — celebrities of the Spanish city of Cuenca. Previously such buildings in the ancient city were familiar, but the Casas Colgadas stand apart. To assess the landscape from the Windows of the fancy houses can each here today opened the exhibition of the Museum of Abstract Art.

Seventy eight million one hundred sixty two thousand seventy three

Meteora Monasteries, Greece

Six monasteries of Meteora built in the X century on the rocks that are 60 million years ago was a rocky bottom of a prehistoric sea. Water, wind, and temperature extremes she hath hewn out her amazing massive pillars, which are supposed to be floating in space: the Greek "Meteora" means "suspended in the air." Be sure to visit the Monastery of the Holy Trinity, which is lit up in James bond films. And just 3 euros surroundings meteor can be seen as what they see every day the monks from their cells.

Two million six hundred eighty seven thousand four hundred eighty two

Homes near Metekhi Church, Tbilisi, Georgia

Near the Metekhi Church on a quick Kura "nest" houses with elaborate balconies. To admire them better from the opposite Bank of the river. And if you're lucky and you call the guests will see the beautiful Tbilisi from the window the eyes of local residents.

Sixty four million four hundred ninety thousand seven hundred sixty four

House in Bonifacio, Corsica

It seems that the remains of the ancient citadel of Bonifacio is about to fall off a cliff. However, limestone rocks, century after century stand the pressure of the Mediterranean waves: the inhabitants of the houses on the cliff enjoying the spectacular views from the balcony and the tourists photographed balancing on the edge of the building.

Sixty seven million two hundred sixty two thousand five hundred twenty four

The paro taktsang, Bhutan

The taktsang monastery-lacking hanging on a cliff with a height of 3 to 120 meters. Caves are 10 km from the town of Paro has long been used for meditation, and in 1692 there was opened the monastery "tiger's nest". To impregnable at first glance, the building actually has several ways: pilgrims follow the southern trail, the mules make their way through decorated with colored flags road through a pine forest, and from the North it can be reached through the plateau "Hundred thousand fairies". From the monastery's balconies offers panoramic view of Paro Valley and when the clouds closed the temple, the place seems lost in time and space.

Forty five million one hundred seventy nine thousand three hundred forty five

The Hotel Skylodge Adventure Suites, Peru

Peruvian Skylodge Adventure Suites called the most extreme hotels in the world. Really, for those suffering from acrophobia this place – the call: living capsule, literally hanging on a cliff at a height of 122 meters above sea level. Sheer room you can admire the Sacred valley of the Incas, to meditate on the sunrise and watching the constellations.

Twenty nine million three hundred forty six thousand seven hundred thirty two

House in Ronda, Spain

The town of Ronda climbed into the mountains to a height of 750 meters above sea level, so the "hanging" houses here are not uncommon. The most impressive view of the ravine El Tajo offers from the New bridge which connects the old Moorish city and new areas. Here, in a former town hall is luxury hotel Parador enjoy a breathtaking view with your own balcony.

Fifty eight million eight hundred fifty three thousand eight hundred eighteen

"Eagle's nest" on the Lysefjord, Norway

Norwegian Kjerag, on Lysefjord was chosen by fans of spectacular scenery and thrills: here hunting for cool shots, conquer steep plateau and do base jumping. Tourists feed and supplies images on postcards "eagle's nest" cafe at an altitude of 500 meters above the Lysefjord.

Seventy seven million five hundred thirty three thousand five hundred fifty six

The Monastery Of Taung-Kalat, Myanmar

To the southwest of an extinct volcano Pope stands rock Taung-Kalat, which built the eponymous Buddhist temple. It has 777 steps — is the result of work of a monk At Changi. With a height of 737 meters and views of the sacred mountain and the vast green expanse – a long climb is that view. Just don't forget to follow things: the monks are not responsible for the monkeys has a shiny watch and bright bags of tourists.

Twenty seven million six hundred eight thousand five hundred eighty three

Monastery Swanson-Sy, China

The temple complex Swanson-Sy – the only one in China that combines Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian tradition – Imperial stretches to forty halls and pavilions along the steep walls. They hold on wooden stilts and hit a rock, which serves as the premises of the back wall. And niches for statues and Buddha images caved into a rock.

Twenty five million one hundred eleven thousand one hundred eleven

House in Manarola, Italy

At night, the town of Manarola is like a giant Christmas tree on the background of black rocks dozens of street lamps illuminated by colored houses. Italian compact settlement: the place for building was scarce, so houses built directly on the cliffs. They huddle closely to each other, and the streets are so narrow that I go on them just for bicycles and motorcycles -- cars just do not fit.

Ninety million six hundred seventy three thousand eight hundred two

Sumela Monastery, Turkey

On a chalk cliff 230 km from the border with Georgia flaunts -- Sumela Orthodox monastery of the IV century. Inside are kept beautiful frescoes that can be viewed from a couple of hours. But outside the monastery on a cliff among the mountain scenery is spectacular.

Five million eight hundred eighty seven thousand five hundred twenty five

At home in Castellfollit de La ROCA, Spain

Spanish Castellfollit de La ROCA city on the edge. Houses of volcanic rocks built directly into fifty-meter basalt rock of the lava. The balcony of each of the houses on the cliff — ready observation deck, and local schoolchildren learn the basics of painting, drawing native town from the bridge.published 

Forty two million sixty two thousand three hundred seven



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