5 exercises to increase the pain threshold

Have you ever noticed that someone can silently move the shed on hand hot tea, and someone screams (and this is not necessarily a girl) from a simple splinter? Many it all depends on the level of pain threshold, and the higher it is, the easier it is for the person to carry small, and not only trauma.

Professional soldiers, for example, deliberately expose your body to moderate torture to increase pain tolerance, without which, as we know, none of the battle. Well, what prevents us to do the same, albeit in a more peaceful?!

We have gathered 5 cool exercises to practice the endurance of pain that will awaken your inner Chuck Norris. The main thing is to find a friend with a sadistic, because all exercises are performed in pairs.

1. Massage warrior


In contrast to the training of the periosteum with the strikes that make a fist, legs, or any other striking surface of the body impervious to pain, this exercise, we train the brain, not the body.

Therefore, we need to relax, to calm down, in any case not to clamp and to hold the breath. Partner at this time should create bearable pain pinching and pressure in the area of the trapezius muscle, the anterior surface of the neck and around the ribs. This "massage" should be performed about 10 minutes to a tolerable pain.

2. Slap


Another exercise, a side effect which could be the blush on the cheeks, is the application partners resounding slap each other in turn. It is ringing, as a dull sound of impact evidence of incorrect application, for example, the "heel" of the palm.

Start at a slow pace and within a minute, increase it, trying to control their internal state and making the inhale-exhale if you need to take a breath and calm down. It is impossible to strike blows on the neck, ears, temples or eyes. Only the cheeks, but hardcore... that is a slap in the face.

3. Bulldog grip

The point of this exercise is to not only learn to withstand the pain, but also to keep control over their muscles and actions. To run will need to take in the painful grip of the opponent, which will quickly cause a short punches and clamps available for pain points: the space between the thumb and forefinger, the neck, the point on the inner part of the radius, and so the list goes on.

Exercise is good for one who wants to increase the pain threshold, due to the fact that you have through the power to endure and concentrate on tasks of retention and the "aggressor", which develops the technique of impact on vulnerable. Finished, stood up, changed seats, he continued.

4. Whipping boy


In fact, this exercise boils down to a controlled beating, that's just the "victim" must try to stand straight and not to bring down breath. "Striker" strikes metered power over the body and limbs, avoiding only the head, neck, groin, throat, heart and spine.

For greater efficiency it is better to close your eyes to avoid preparing to strike and will help to develop the skill of keeping the impact on the breath, which is owned by all professional athletes-contact-improvisers. Do not get carried away and don't forget to switch after 3 minutes.

5. Creek


When you are finished with the painful exercises, can discharge to yell with the opponent on top of each other, which will allow to realize the potential of sustainability to the maximum. In General, the Creek is a versatile exercise that should be performed as often as possible, if you want to give energy boost to the body to stretch the lungs and to add rigidity to the voice.

Scream in the car on full music, outdoors, Yes, even in my apartment, but don't scream at night when everyone is asleep.


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